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I am more than just a numbers guy.

When I decided to coach my daughters in softball years ago, I tried to use my professional experience to help them be better players on and off the field.

“It’s more important to be a good sport than it is to be good at sports.” -Pop

Our youngest was an All-State pitcher in CT. She had natural talent, but worked hard to develop her skills.

As important, she worked on her mind. She believed in herself, and developed her own style. She wasn’t blessed with amazing speed, but she was reasonable, had excellent control, and had a wicked change-up that many times broke the batter’s back.

“There is no place to hide when you are on the mound” I would say to her. “It’s up to you to do your best and make no excuses. Your team will help you, just throw strikes. Learn how to handle the pressure and just focus on one batter at a time, one pitch at a time.”

“There is no defense against a walk.” – Pop




Decision Making

Trust Our Intuition

Friday 12:10 Trader X: I don’t have an edge here

12:24 PM E
huss be well
here is edge
70 is middle

we know 58/60 being protected
we know 79.5/ 80 yest close
that is battle really 60/ 70/ 80
68 bottom of pipe 2 day swing
relax at lunch
best short done
and need to rest mind then find another trade if hungry
if not lock profits
normally lunch muted range

12:31 PM Trader X
Thanks E, Resting mind watching golf

1:45 E i think 78.25 is key for now, use that idea if want to play
above good for longs, below good for shorts

Leaders Lead and understand there is no place to hide.

We are not evasive and do not duck making the hard calls. If we do not think we have an edge, we say it.

We are decisive and use our knowledge, intuition, and street smarts to help our team take action if they choose to do so.

Thank You !

How is this for confidence? I just had someone sign up for my three week session that ends next week. I need to find out more about this young man who sees the value in what I offer and is willing to take a risk. He is someone special and I will do my best to help him however I can, as I do for all the traders who want to learn with me.


11:08 James : Thanks E. Great Day and week as always! Really appreciate what you and Zeek do for us and the trading community. Awesome wizadry. Have blessed weekend all 😀

BryanS [4:18 PM] thanks e and all – another incredible week

The Journey Never Ends

Friday 5/17/2019
11:37 Sanjay : E,how did you learn to think in these unconventional,,wizardly terms-did someone teach you/ or its all your own discovery-Great stuff

Thank you Sanjay
I was willing to be patient and learn
I studied the masters
then i tried to find some things that made sense
common sense
then i discarded things that didnt seem to work often enough to be valuable
then and this is awkward
even  XX  didnt want to include in a webinar
I prayed for guidance
within 24 hours a flash of insight came to me
It took almost a year to develop that basic idea
then i studied with mentors
and combined long term and short term ideas
and was blessed to just have an inquisitive mind
then i started teaching
and i think keep getting more refined and better because I am willing to share with others
and that has helped me get better
so it is a journey
and we never really arrive
we just keep evolving if we are lucky
and never think we know it all
that hubris is our downfall
I have maybe 50 books in my stock/trading library
I have as many in my self-help / positive attitude library
and I believe screen time has been as helpful as anything
the exerience of seeing things on a small scale happen as fractals in larger time frames
I hope I am helping all of us become better at what we do

Here’s a chart to help Sanjay who likes to trade The Nifty Fifty. Additional interpretation for him was posted in our room.

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  • Corrective Markets have sharp rallies. Take stops, try again
  • Expect Bots to buy high and Sell higher
  • Options Expiration Games are a factor this week
  • Recent Positon Supports Identified as 2892.5, 2800.25, 2812.5, 2838, 2852
  • Recent Day Trade and Swing Supports 2837.5, 2842,  2852

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