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We know the Markets

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We have an edge locating Opportunities

We think a good day trader must be able to analyze swing and position ideas. Once These fundamentals are grasped, then we can compress the time frames and find many more opportunities.

The Professional Edge

Take Your Trading Business To New Heights

Understanding rotations is the key to becoming a Master Day Trader. Markets breathe: they inhale,exhale. We can often play Hit and Run and catch pieces of the moves intraday as the price fluctuates. Identifying the expected type of day is crucial, range or a breakout.
  • We know the OTF reaction zones
  • Every day we find opportunity
  • We will show you how to go from hobbyist to trader

We Are Unique

Each of our Super Jurors contribute a unique perspective of the markets, allowing us to continually make educated guesses as to “what’s next?”.
Super Jurors

Angels and Demons

Balance of Power Magnets

Combo Systems

Exponential Moving Averages


Flip Flop

Murrey Math

Support, Resistance, and Pivots

Trader’s GPS

The Secret Code

Eighty Eight


What We Can Do For You

While trading is a simple business, it’s not easy.  We believe in a confident, methodical approach that minimizes the emotions and focuses on repeatedly executing high odds strategies. Traders who use tools like our E-widget can visually see the important relationships that exist in larger time frames, allowing us to detect precision targets by OTF Traders.

Chat with Traders

Develop relationships with other traders who are learning the Emini wizard System. Share experiences and ideas.

Money Management

We stress this is a business, Risk control and preservation of capital is the key to longevity as a trader.

Conceptual Theory

Learn the basic concepts and underlying principles, plays, patterns, and strategies of successful trading,

Execution is Everything

Analysis is meaningless without taking effective action. Control your emotions and take the trades.

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