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How Can The Emini wizard System Help You?

No matter how old we are, we never outgrow our need for income. A sense of independence and freedom arises from our inner confidence that we have a reliable method of taking care of ourselves and our family no matter what the “economy” is doing.

Letting go of our limiting beliefs is something that only we can do for ourselves. There are no guarantees of success in any endeavor in life.

Please Let us know of your needs and ask us how we can help you. When you are ready, why not experience the power of today’s advanced charting tools like The E-widget?

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Adapt or Die

Use Modern Tools Built Exactly To Fit Your Needs

Our bottom line depends on many factors, not just with tools and techniques. Our time tested professional algorithms and methodologies will yield different results for different traders. Market prices may fluctuate, but human nature evolves much more slowly. Controlling our emotions, amount of capital available, and reactions under pressure including proper position sizing and management are vital to our success.

Why not capitalize on our 25+ years of experience to assist you with the part we can help you with?:  Our tools and insights

  • A complete system
  • Live Trading Room
  • Indicators and Spreadsheets

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How to Simplify Your Trading to get the Results You Want

Our SUPER JUROR Advantage

Murrey Math
EMA’s: The Chart in Play
Sequence Trading
Secret Code: Market Structure
Balance of Power
Flip Flop Projections AB=CD
Pivots, support and resistance
1% rule and ATR
Angels and Demons
Darvas Box Theory: 3 Box System
Tunnel Through Time
Squeeze Pivots
ORBO Trading


Do you Believe in Yourself?

No system will help you if you consider yourself a loser. Be willing to pay the price of a minimum of 10,000 hours of study and experience for success in any business.

Begin with an optimistic mindset, but use stop losses.

The Unsung Hero

Odds and Probablity

What is the probable outcome of any trade? Not all trades are created equal. The more reliable the pattern, the better our chance of success. Nothing is guaranteed, but I like the odds of owning a Donut shop next to a police station.


Markets are valued by Price in many time frames


Experience helps teach us major, repeatable patterns


Money seeks the highest and best use of time


Head fakes, mind games, and risk/reward are part of this business


Markets ebb and flow. Determine where the current edges to do business are likely located


Theoretical concepts are important, but execution, discipline, and trade management are everything

From Eminiwizard

Learn How We Think

HOW WE THINK is everything. Many traders are fixated on “executing” trades, but are not seasoned or mature enough to actually trade. This is a risky business, and most will not survive. As a free public service, I try to provide valuable ideas for those who want to see charts, text, and video presentations in LIVE time recordings.

The Mental side of the game must be considered first, along with a proper foundation of capital, personal rules, risk/reward management , discipline, and emotional poise under pressure..

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