Knowledge is Potential Power

The Best Education
“Knowledge, uninvested in Labor, is wasted.”

– Jim Rohn

Building Blocks

Pieces Of The Puzzle

There are many components of becoming a successful trader. Those who understand that trading is a business will have a much greater chance of surviving. Education is only part of the process, and by itself will not guarantee anything more than a stake in the game.


Be the dumbest in the room if we want to learn something new

Expect to win

Scared money never wins


Learn from our mistakes and those of others


Confidently take action, but have a Plan B

Evaluate Results

The Feedback Loop allows for course correction on micro and macro levels


Paralysis by Analysis

As traders we need to act with incomplete information


Left Brain

Logical Ideas


Make a Decision

Right Brain


Jim Rohn

Street Smarts

Formal education will make you a living;

self-education will make you a fortune

Social Media


Pundits on Social Media should be viewed as carnival barkers looking to make an impression on the gullible and unsophisticated masses. Entertainment is Big Business and by it’s very nature is addictive and humorous.

If you’re looking for fun, and snarky witticisms go to twitter. If you want to learn about trading, study the classics and take responsibility for your trading results.


Pulling The Trigger


Gurus and Brokers who stress “execution is everything”  do a disservice to traders. This is a business, and proper execution is only one piece of the puzzle along with mumerous other important parts.

Doctors, Attorneys, Plumbers, Teachers, Athletes, and Real Estate Brokers all receive formal traing and continued education; why should traders be any different?

What good is pulling the trigger if the gun is aimed at our head?



Pay it Forward

Sharing Our Expertise
Teaching others has been shown to help the Coach or Mentor improve their own understanding, no matter what field we are in.


Our trading journey begins and ends with Education. We add additonal necessary skills like execution after we become seasoned about market movements. I believe in the power of education coupled with the feedback of experience.


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