Seek Truth

Healthy Skepticism

We want to believe,

but with our antenna up

and protecting ourselves from charlatans.

Common Sense

Be Respectful Of Your Capital

Seek Truth.

“Be neither a Bull nor a Bear, but a seeker of the Truth” – Alexander Elder


If you have no interest in learning from me, stop reading.

I am responding to numerous emails and messages from traders of all skill levels who have recently discovered my work.

It’s decision time.


I was alone and afraid, not understanding how markets work. I can still remember that experience, although it was almost 20 years ago.  I read the books, listened to gurus, paid into the Boyz retirement fund.

Don’t we all start that way?

I did something unique: I got down on my knees and prayed for the answers to solving the market riddle.

Within 24 hours I was given a gift, wrapped up in a flash of insight. After a year of hard work studying, thinking and observing  I was able to unravel more pieces of The Secret Code.

I made a promise that I would use this knowledge to help others who wanted to take control of their financial life.

Having a Masters degree in the Humanities continues to impact my values system.

Serving others is a way of life, not just an occasional idea.

I have given away more valuable information for free than what most traders will get no matter how much they pay their “guru”.

Specific support and resistance, continually updated as the dynamics of the market evolves.

To non-believers, all I can say is I understand your skepticism.

I don’ t have all the answers, not even close.

I have learned to recognize opportunity, and I hope you can as well.

The entire Emini wizard System is affordably valued for serious traders and investors.

The playbook, the spread sheets, support and interaction with E for 30 days. I will answer your questions through a forum, twitter, video, or VOD webinars.

Depending on the experience of the traders, we will focus first on teaching the system through the E-mini SP.

After grasping the system, we can then analyze and apply the rules to stocks, ETF’s, and other futures like TF, CL, $SPY, NQ, GC.


There are many good traders out there that can show you shortcuts and improve your ability to read the market.

No one can internalize someone else’s system without paying their dues.

Self-responsibility, emotional control, and discipline is a must.

To those who think coaching and teaching trading cannot be done, then I assume you believe in that premise for all skills and knowledge. As a teacher and coach, I reject that premise.

Stop sending your kids to school, little league, music lessons, and dance recital if that’s your belief.


Review my posts on Twitter . You decide whether or not I can help you.

“@eminiwizard besides being one of the sharpest on twitter you got a good memory El grande E. :->” – zspb on twitter 1/13/2014


Don’t miss this Golden opportunity to invest in the Emini wizard System and take your trading to the next level.

Do you want The Professional Edge?

Just do it.


“E is the Mad Genius who thought up

The Emini wizard System.”

Zeek Snodgrass

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Naples, FL