A Simple Truth

Trading isn't Easy


There are no guarantees in trading, other than we will suffer the good, bad , and the ugly as we navigate the shark-infested waters. Traders are willing to accept that risk for the potential rewards.


Simple Premise: Can we become profitable in a trade before being stopped out?

01. Knowledge

Our trading journey begins with an accumulation of capital while we study and put in a minimum of 10,000 hours experience developing our trading plans and style.

02. Emotional Factors

Controlling our nerves and emotions is essential if we are going to play this game and win. If we are unprepared for the reality that we will lose money, we are finished before we begin.

03. Execution

Results is the name of the game. Keep trade size appropriate for our account size. Look for high odds trades and take them. Scratch losers, accept small losses, win with trailers. It sounds easy. It isn’t.

Rate of Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Trading is a business that will try our soul. Only the brightest and the best get to play this game for any extended period of time. It is essential that we leave our Ego quarantined so we can trade with an unbiased and perceptive mind, including both the right logical brain and the left intuitive side.


Trader Survival Rate



Superior Analytical Solutions

The Professional Edge


Some of Our Challenges

News Events

Both scheduled and sudden events can be market movers.

Overnight Gaps

The market never sleeps, and positions need to be managed.

Lack of Capital

Underfunded traders usually lack staying power and sufficient leverage.

Fear of Failure

Scared money never wins. Confidence comes from experience.


There are no guarantees, leading some to Paralysis by Analysis.


“Greed is good” has a nice ring to it, but pigs get slaughtered.

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