MC E 3 worlds

“Know all things.”

Spanning decades of experience, E has developed his own Philosophy of Life, through rendering service to countless people and organizations.


The attitude of “giving before you get” was deeply ingrained through attendance at an undergraduate program at Springfield College, and furthered by a Master’s Degree earned at SCSU. The lessons in the Humanities have been an integral part of his teachings and educating others over the years.

Developing and implementing innovative programs earned awards at the state level for Connecticut by profesional organizations. Successfully coaching and teaching age groups from infants through the collegiate level athletics allowed E to understand the interconnected roles of emotion and skills on human performance. Being the Director of Recreation for the Town of Woodbridge furthered his ability to lead and motivate others.

Interconnecting the flow from servant to Master was well learned through a position as an Assistant Golf professional.  Creating a golf academy for children, one of his students has now come full circle and is the Golf Professional at this Public Country Club.


A subsequent career in Real estate development and building homes taught E about the Business side of Life. Introduced to concepts like time value of money, risk vs reward, project management, leverage and market cycles created exposure to the realities of the market. E still retains a Broker’s license, allowing him to continue to educate and serve clients who trust his street smarts.


Seeing the Stock markets in action has fascinated E for the past twenty years where he continues his current career analyzing markets and searching for opportunites.


The broad based experience has given E a unique perspective on market structure. Understanding the principles of Kinesiology, and applying these fundamentals to analyzing objects in motion are easily translated to markets of all kinds:

Freeze framing the motion of his daughter’s wrist snap in his mind, and suggesting changes, assisted her on a path to winning All- State Honors as a Pitcher. Teaching adults to relax and float in the water, allowing them to overcome their fears. Developing all County Cross-Country runners by fartlek methods and practicing running down hills as well as up them.

Teaching and coaching high school swim teams to train for success, as an individual and as a team.

Adjusting the plane of a softball swing to create the trajectory for singles and doubles or home runs, from little leagues to the Collegiate level.

Coaching golfers how to visualize the shot and let the ball “just be there in the middle of a good swing”. Seeing their natural rhythm and breaking it down into specifics regarding the hands, the hips, the shoulders, the mind. Moving from the fierceness of using a Driver for distance to the “soft hands” for the putter.

Mostly, it became an endeavor to teach people to believe in themselves; to take whatever talents and skills they possess and work hard to help themselves by helping others.


Enough about E; how may we help You?