Sequence Trading

Step By Step
We use a Fractal Approach with our tools and analyze markets with consistency.

Action comes from Clarity

Trade with Confidence

Pull the trigger after you learn the simple, easy to use concepts we teach. We need to understand about five or six key ideas, and apply them consistently with discipline.  Focus, flexible thinking, and intuition are also vital ingredients.

Consider Risk and Reward and Think Like a Bot

Unemotionally evaluate the current situation for trade ideas

Take High Odds Trades

Decide a course of action and proceed. Quickly abandon trades that are not working favorably.

Price, Pattern, and Timing

Buy, Sell, Do nothing. Dont waste mental energy on alternatives other than those three choices. Once in a trade, manage it with pre-determined targets and violation rules.

Psychology, Anticipating, and Reacting

Expect to win. Think independently from the herd of traders who talk about speculative opinions. Use Objective Criteria to determine order flow.

Strive for Excellence, not perfection

Catch pieces of the move as price fluctuates. Be reasonable about expectations and protect profits when acquired.


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Objective Analysis

We use “Boyd’s Cycle” to allow us to swiftly make trade decisions: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act

OTF Roadmap planning

The Institutions move the market.  We need to anticipate their targets and understand the Sequence Trade ideas.

Execute & Manage

Multiple contracts allow for scaling and accepting partial profits.Potential Increased rewards also means more assumed risk.


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Make Your Own Opportunities

Trading is an intensely personal endeavor, as individual as each of us. Our available capital, risk tolerance, time constraints, knowledge, emotional IQ, and ability to perform under pressure uniquely define our own profile. We can choose to succeed by developing our own style and approach to trading and investing.

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We teach traders to pay attention to time and price considerations throughout the day. We believe in dynamic pivots, and this focus is  why we are so successful understanding Day, Swing, and Position trader support and resistance levels.


Pricing Models For E-widget

Automate your trade analysis by using the E-widget. Suitable for any tradable secutity, this hands-free approach will keep your mind uncluttered and relaxed as you visually detect the hidden support and resistance levels from previous market gyrations.

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