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Consistent Analysis is the key
No matter what markets we trade, we want to use the same tools and techniques to simplify our decision making analysis.

Works for All Securities

How You Can Apply Our System to Whatever You Trade

Study our sophisticated but simple system and learn how we apply it to the E-mini SP. Then view your favorite ETF’s, Indexes, currencies, Futures, Stocks and Bonds. Even penny stocks will work with this system.

Active stocks that are market leaders for example can be bought at support in an uptrend, sold at resistance in downtrends.

Humble Students 

Trade any Market with the Confidence of a Master Trader

Old School

For a long time, you have been proud of “Doing it Your Way.” Satisfied? Don’t fix what’s not broken. Keep using the same methodologies that are producing the results you want. Many of the old axioms still apply, especially if it has to do with the Human Element and our emotions. Evolution takes a long time.

Modern Trading Methods

Technology improvements with algorithms, order flow, robotic processes and tools allow us to operate in the markets with greater efficiency and sophistication than ever before.

Think like a Bot, trade what we see, not what we think.

Example of a Mix of Securities



Stocks & Bonds






Over the Hill Club

“Don’t tell me what you ‘used to do’; that’s living in the past. Show me your latest blog and real-time video. Great futures traders live in the present moment: They adapt or die.”

-Dennis Parmelee, Eminiwizard

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