Emini wizard with marketHEIST



Many thanks to Jeffrey Lin and James Falvo at marketHEIST for showcasing Eminiwizard through a few interviews.

If you subscribe to any of our products as a result of their efforts, please acknowledge that at the time of subscription or purchase so that we may thank them accordingly. Send an email to admin@eminiwizard.com with marketHEIST in the subject line.

Please watch these brief videos to learn more about the way E views the market.


Becoming a Trader

Routines for Day Trading Success

Most Dangerous Stock Market Tricks and Traps

Simplify Day Trading Using Swing Traders and Investors

Threats to Trading Success



Questions are welcome. E is the consummate Coach and teacher. Traders looking for a system that makes “calls” will find no shortage of vendors.

Those looking to “understand” the process will find E continues to explain the evolving dynamics of market price action in the Trading Room. Position, swing, and day traders will find how one piece of the puzzle fits into another.

Markets can turn on a dime. Even with years of experience, many traders cannot. No one has a crystal ball. Our edge is educated guessing, along with disciplined risk management.

As traders become more proficient through focused study of the E-mini Sp, they are better able to apply insights gained to other trading vehicles of their choice.

A big thank you to Jeffrey and James for their professionalism!


Bonus Videos. Watch E as he reads the tape…

7.26.2013 IB Trading

7.26.13 IB Low being challenged

7.26.13 Filling 71 Gap in algo city

7.26.13 Targets being achieved short side in git ‘er done  Friday

(This video is a bit long… but is worth viewing to experience being in the MARKETwizardz Trading Room as we evaluate the potential new targets, risk reward  and symmetry dynamics.) See the Angel identified… as the potential reversal begins.

“Why was I such an idiot” trading explained.