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We offer plenty of free resources to help traders improve their skills and get better results. Read our Blogs, review our charts. Watch the videos, read E’s Twitter posts. It’s the least expensive way to learn from our years of experience. This is incredibly valuable information for those willing to patiently view it and sudy our methodology.

Level TWO

First Engagement

Noah didn’t wait until it started raining to build his ark and neither should we.

There are many people who are seeking ways to earn some extra income. These trial programs offer structured ideas to help you on your journey to becoming a better investor and trader. Pilot programs are often used to see how we can help more traders at a lower investment.

Affordable introductory programs allow participants to interact with other traders and to enjoy extensive trade commentary and insights from E.

If you will allow us, we can show you how to transform your thinking, your ambitions, and your focus on what really matters if you are going to have an edge in this business.

There are no guarantees in trading, please be realistic and reasonable with your expectations.


Level Three

Live Trading Courses

Immerse yourself in one of our Live Trading Rooms where we continually analyze and apply the important rules and concepts of The E-mini wizard System. Engage with other traders, watch E’s charts in a live zoom room, and get extra-ordinary coaching and support in a professional and educational environment.

Level Four

Use Our Automated Tools

Experience the control and power of automated indicators like The E-widget, Angels and Demons, and our Balance of Power.  Clear, unambiguous analysis of any security is possible with the use of these automated indicators that can be customized and programmed for predictive and current values. Step by Step, enjoy the benefits of having a huge edge in your ability to see the next moves coming in the market.

Level Five

Combo Packs

One of the best values we offer is a combination of indicators and live training. When offered, these packages are available usually at a significant discount as introductory specials. Get on our mailing list if you would like to be kept posted of these opportunities.

Level Six

Invest in

The E-mini wizard System

The E-mini wizard system is available for those traders seeking a complete turn-key solution for analyzing any market. Trial and error is an expensive and time-consuming way to learn how to trade. E has spent over 25 years perfecting this system; why re-invent the wheel? Plays, Patterns, Concepts, Spreadsheets, professional insights are just a few of the benefits you will receive. Are you serious about elevating your trading from a hobby to a business level?

Our power to act comes from our confidence.

Use the tools, every day.

Level Seven

Master Mind Alliance

Commercial and High Net Worth individuals are welcome to propose joint venture opportunities with E.  Educational webinars and team events are encouraged.

Level Eight

Partner with E:

Teach and Coach Others

Are you business oriented? Why not consider joining forces with E and help teach the system to others. Choose from any available security and enter into a profit sharing plan with E as he supports your efforts in your specific niche.

Indexes, ETF’s, Cryptos, Options, all fair game.

Ask us about becoming an Eagle.

Soar high.


Step Forward

Build a Business Exactly To Your Needs

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Start small, see if this approach helps you
  • Take a small risk and explore our course offerings
  • Continue accumulating capital and knowledge
  • Take Action that supports your long range Goals
  • Become self-sufficient, then help others

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Education Before Execution


Slack Room

Zoom Video

  Angels and Demons
  Balance of Power

Combo Packs

The Emini wizard System

Master Mind Alliance

Partner with E: Teach and Coach Others


What We Can’t Do For You

There are numerous variables in trading and investing that will affect our performance. We alone are resonsible for learning, applying, and managing our trades. Our courage and ability to think under pressure will affect our performance. Sytems failure like power outages or loss of internet connections should be considered. No system is perfect, and we rely on a larger sample size over time to gain an edge. Please remember to read our disclosures, disclaimers and terms of service.

Capital Available

Disposable cash that you can afford to lose

Time Available

Your experience and time available to focus on trading and investing


Pulling the trigger with no guarantee of success


Your emotional control and risk management

From Eminiwizard

Make Our Own Opportunities

Our mind is like a magnet, attracting the things we continuously think about.

When we are afraid, we summon negative experiences, mediocrity, and substandard living.

If we wish to live on a higher plane, we need to think of thoughts that will empower us.

Wishes are just dreams without specific, measurable goals with a timeline.

Success is not found in strategies or indicators; they are merely tools that enable us to create a lifestyle we envision.

Saturate our thinking day after day with thoughts of discipline, emotional control, managed risk taking and posititve results.  Expect them to be manifest as our belief, skills, and actions harmonize and work together.

Have faith in ourselves and persist in our journey one step at a time.





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