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Our Niche: Serious Traders

Some traders are content to pick up snippets of information for FREE on the internet.  “I don’t pay anyone for my education” they proudly exclaim, lacking the vision to understand the value of acquiring a methodology like The Emini wizard System.


Principles for  Day, Swing, or Position Traders

Markets are Simple and Complex

The Emini wizard simplifies analysis through the use of synergistic tools, strategies, and methodologies

Markets are Math Based

Math may be a four letter word, but our sophisticated algorithms easily allow our Users to see patterns and proportionate swings in multiple time frames. We call this “Finding the chart in play.”

There is a Time Value of Money

“What is the Highest and Best use of my money?’ Only you can answer that. The more you have, the better able we can help you make it grow, with reasonable and defined risk.

Financial Literacy

We believe we need to take self-responsibility for our own financial education and results. “We are the captain of our ship, the Master of our Soul.”

Risk vs Reward

All trades are not created equally. Some are “risk 2 make 2” in slow ranges (typically lunch, or when markets are waiting for important news events). Others may last for days or weeks depending on your trading style.The Emini wizard System allows us to determine IF, when, and How Much to Trade. Logical targets, and trailer targets and stops are identified.

People are Emotional

We teach traders to “Think like a Bot”. The Emini wizard System provides a focus on objective criteria, allowing us to use trade logic, educated guessing and intuition

Successful Trading Takes Years of Study and Experience

E has created The Emini wizard System by studying markets for 25+ years. You can invest your time doing the same, or tap into his experience and shorten your Learning Curve. Be Mentored or Do it Yourself, either way it will cost you.

There is a Money Value of Time

What is your time worth? Why Day Trade if you can make more money at your “job”? The Emini wizard System allows us to Day Trade, Swing Trade, or Invest according to our unique needs.

We Need Money to Make Money

We believe it is important to “Accumulate Capital”. Active Traders try to take something out of the “swings” in the market. The use of well-timed Options can be used for leverage. We can also find a partner who has it and work together.

Finding Simplicity within Complexity

Think like Darvas and #kiss. Our unique “3 Box System” Identifies the Primary trade and logical contra moves based on support and resistance in multiple time frames.

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