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Learn Our Methodology From Our 25+ Years of Experience

Being able to capitalize on the intra-day swings allows us to potentially capture points from a much greater trading range.

There is always a caveat regarding Risk and Reward: There is also a greater chance of loss, especially for the unsophisticated trader.

The Emini wizard System

Proprietary Systems and Strategies

Our Secret


  1. believe in “Market Structure”, a price ladder that allows us to see objective criteria
  2. view markets through the PPTPAR Model and consider odds and probability
  3. are Singularly Laser FOCUSED
  4. study patterns and plays that repeat often enough to recognize them
  5. understand likely areas of OTF participation
  6. think like a BOT
  7. search for squeeze pivots and sequence trading
  8. use common sense
  9. keep it simple


“I’m always asked, ‘What’s the secret to success?’  But there are no secrets.

Be humble. Be hungry.

And always be the hardest worker

in the room. “

– Dwayne Johnson

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