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Choose a Time Frame That Makes Sense For You

No one size fits all. Some believe the only way to be successful is to be a long-term investor, that traders cannot effectively time the market short term. That may be true for traders who have not taken the time to gain education and experience, but doubful it applies to students of the game. Just ask Don Miller who made over a million in one year, mainly short term trading the E-mini.

Enough with cliches; Make no excuses. Just admit we don’t know how to do it.

That is the starting point of our growth into a Day Trader.

Levels of Skill

Shorter Time Frame Traders Need to be More Agile

Day Traders try to understand intra-day swings and capitalize on short term imbalances as they repeatedly occur every day. There are many more smaller rotations that exist within the larger rotations. Many individual traders are best suited for this type of trading, as it allows us to choose when we want to play and avoid overnight risk.
  • Day Traders
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  • Investors

Intermediate Time Frame

Swing Traders


Swing Trading is a short-term trading method that can be used when trading stocks, options and futures. Day Traders will go home “flat”, as trades last less than one day. Swing Tradier’s positions usually last from two to six days, but could even last as long as a few weeks

* Seek trades usually lasting from 2 to 5 days (sometimes up to a few weeks)

* Are willing to manage or live with overnight risk

* Not overly concerned with intra-day volatility

* Accept meaningful drawdowns for larger gains

* Buy pullbacks and add to long positions (in uptrend swing)

* Use wider stop loss and a trailing stop

* Will scale out of multi-day swing

* Tune into things like Taylor 3 day cycle

*  Have a long term perspective

*  Are willing to allow someone else to manage

*  Focus on their profession or job

*  Accept large drawdowns for larger gains

*  Buy pullbacks and add to long positions in uptrend

*  Rarely think about shorting

*  Take some profits when they need some cash

*  Follow 50 and 200 day Averages for guidance

*   Are possibly wealthy, and appreciate making money while they Sleep

Long Time Frame Horizon



Investing is a long-term trading method that can be used when trading stocks, options and futures. Investors believe in drip investing, dollar cost averaging, 401k Tax shelters and growth for the future., Positions usually last from months to years.

Sometimes investors panic and sell out at the bottom of market crashes and fail to get back in the market out of fear.

Is It Right For You?

Why Investing Appeals to Many People

Investors go about their trading life more leisurely. They are not glued to computer screens all day long as stock market junkies are. Positions may last from months to years, and typically will enjoy tax advantages. Sharp drawdowns can be viscious, undoing 25% to 50% of gains in a matter of months.

Market crashes don’t come along often, but when they do, 90% of gains can be lost. That’s when emotional investors who have not used some type of Hedge jump off buildings.


Why You Should Consider Day Trading

We never outgrow the need for income. People who develop additional skills have more resources and strategies to accumulate and preserve capital. Even in retirement, working a few hours a day can mean the difference between a meager existence and enjoying a lifestyle of freedom. It is sad to see people work at a job all their lives, only to end up working for minimum wage at Walmart in their seventies.

What if we could take a portion of our capital and see if we can make it grow?

Start early, be patient learning, grow into it.



Why Not Consider A Blend Of All Three Styles Of Market Participation?

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