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How You Can Build a Day Trading Business This Year

Day Traders are the most skilled of traders, and show no loyalty to being long or short. They are true mercenaries who understand the principle of maximizing the opportunities throughout the day as price marches back and forth.

We study OTF players: The Generals who move the markets to understand their likely price targets and profit taking zones.

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Take Your Trading to The Next Level

The Challenge

Do you have the mental flexibility to trade in opposite directions on the same day? Are you comfortable being long or short? Are you content to miss a big move from a news event and then buy high and sell higher?

Are you busy with a career or business that only allows you to work in your Trading Business part time?

Are you prepared to miss big moves overnight and settle for less opportunity during RTH ?

Are you committed to managing your own risk?

A Solution

The pace is fast, the rewards are great, but so are the risks. It’s not for everyone, especially indecisive and sluggish thinkers. Singles and Doubles. Hit and Run. Winning through consistency.

It starts with our mindset: Believing we can manage part of our portfolio aggressively. Do you believe in the power of accumulating profits?

If you are confident you fit the profile of a Day Trader come get an Education with us.

Daily Objective

5 points/ contract

Day Trade Risk

3 to 5 points

Swing/ Position Risk

10 points

Maximum Daily Stop Loss

1.5 % of account


“Must follow E. The man is most humble genius for market psychology and trade mgmt.”

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