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  • Professional Technical AI Analytics

Currently we support NinjaTrader 8

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Sophisticated Design

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The E-widget

Utilizing Technology
How to Simplify Trading and Investment Decisions
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  • Perfect for Self-managed Traders and Investors
  • Large or small, visually see each part of your portfolio
  • Due Diligence on Investment recommendations
  • Simple: Avoid paralysis by Analysis
  • Personalized: Choose your own Ideas
  • Effective: Remove Emotions from decision-making

Easily Customizable

Simple to use and intuitive settings

Visualize Relationships

Quickly view proportionate movements no matter what the time frame

Assortment of Templates

Whether you create your own or use our Proprietary settings, your imagination is the only limit to the type of analysis you perform.

How It Works

Whatever you trade, and whatever your trading style,
The E-widget has you covered.

Position Trading

The Generals control the direction of the market. Position Traders have a longer time horizon and strategically play the current trend until it becomes obvious that a significant portion of profits accrued are eroding. Buy and Hold Strategy.

Swing Trading

Swing Traders capitalize on short term imbalances over a few days to several weeks maximum. Successful swing traders sense subtle shifts in momentum and Buy and Hold short term. Swing traders try to aggressively defend underlying positions.

Day Trading

Nimble, and agile Day Traders capitalize on extremely short term imbalances intra-day, holding anywhere from minutes to hours, Range trading often leads to a directional trade. Hit and Run traders can usually find a reasonable opportunity for low risk, small reward plays.

Eminiwizard, Creator

Opportunity Knocks

“By far, one of the best improvements I have made to The Emini wizard System is creating The E-wodget. The simplicity and functionality is built-in, to allow for diverse customization. Our pre-built templates allow users to leg off pur proprietary insights, but this tool will allow you to change settings and preferences according to your needs.”

Retail Packages

Value Models For Every Need

We have lease packages available for both Retail or Institutional Users.

What’s Your Choice?

I Work Hard and Love to Do it Myself

I want to work hard and make money!

I want to manually continue to enter values on my spreadsheets.

I am ok playing around adjusting my charts manually every time the market moves outside it’s current range.

I dont mind the stress of data entry and chart adjusting while making entries and exits in my trades.

The Decision is E-Z

I want to be Lazy*
and allow the system to do the heavy lifting.

Why walk when we can drive a Race Car?

We Focus on Balancing Risk and Reward

I am Lazy* and Love Automation

I want to open my workspace and find all my chart indicators updated, eliminating manual labor

I love having time to focus on trade ideas by balancing RISK and REWARD

My charts automatically recalibrate relationships every time the market moves outside it’s current range.

Being Lazy* reduces stress while making my trade entries and exits.

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