Profile of a Day Trader

Decisive, Aggressive, and Savvy

The fearful and undercapitalized trader who shows no respect for the Power of Leverage and Egregious Rotations will soon find themselves sidelined with their account closed.

Are you comfortable long or short?

Do you have a few hours available mornings to trade?

Can you accept being wrong some times and be ok losing money?

Do you have money you can afford to lose Day Trading?

Are you reasonably calm under pressure?

Day Trading

Is It Right for You?

Are you willing to set aside some discretionary income into a trading account without affecting your lifestyle, and walk away with your Ego intact if you discover this business is inappropriate for you?

Jordan B. Peterson

“Don’t Underestimate the Power of Vision and Direction”


High liquidity allows for multiple entries throughout the day depending on our schedule. Align ourselves with a small directional trade and we can have our work done swiftly.

Tax Efficient

The tax efficieny of this product makes it a favorite for savvy traders who like to factor in the total costs of trading; not just the spreads and commissions.


The E-mini SP 500 displays a very rhythmical pattern, and often will range trade more than it will “breakout”. Play the edges on Range days.


E-Mini S&P, often abbreviated to “E-mini” and

designated by the commodity ticker symbol ES,

is a stock market index futures contract traded on

the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s Globex

electronic trading platform.


Methodical and Rhythmical Opportunities

There is an elegance to the simplicity of trading the E-mini SP 500 compared wih most other securities.

Wake up in the morning, and no time is wasted hunting for something that is moving to trade.

Voila. See if there is any merit in doing anything before enjoying our first cup of fresh-brewed java.

Tax superior to stocks, we have an efficient and decided advantage.

Never worry about liquidity other than around summer doldrums or a holiday, someone is always willing to take the other side of our trade.

Spreads are small, compared with penny stocks, options, and vehicles with molasses in January type movements in very thin offerings.

It’s perfect to trade, once we learn how it likes to jump around.



day trad·ing


the buying and selling of securities on the same day,

often online, on the basis of small,

short-term price fluctuations.

Risk and Reward

Pricing Examples

This is an example of how to calculate potential profits or losses from trading one contract or multiple units.

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