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Carpae Diem


This week was liberating for me.

I decided not to do a blog every day or even two or three times as has been my work ethic.

Marketing Department is my stop loss and they said “Have an Uncle Point”.

In the world of sound bites for 30 seconds or less, its tough to compete for attention.

Most Twitter enthusiasts will guffaw and embrace the nonsensensical chatter peddled as helpful because it is free.

Platitudes and motivational generalizations are safe and wont harm your reputation.

Having the courage to suggest your bias and specific stops, timing and targets is another story.

Charging a modest investment to teach those ideas in real time is thought of by many as being capitalistic.

So be it.

Trader Socialism

Just Give Me The Fish

I teach real time for over two hours on the mic five days a week during my courses. Slack room is open 24/7 for collaboration, and I produce about eight to ten charts a day and about five videos.

Many of those ideas have been posted for free for those who wish to learn from my experience.

I sense that most want the fish, and are not interested in the fishing pole.

This is not a rant or even a complaint.

It’s me facing up to reality.

I found my ideas were just as relevant, just as sound without the Journaling.

“Free at last”. -MLK

Casey Stengel

All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you. The only thing blame does is to keep the focus off you when you are looking for… reasons to explain your unhappiness or frustration.

My Apologies

I wish I could be more persuasive in reaching out to help traders improve their game.

When you are ready I hope you find me.

The E-mini wizard System works for me, and it will work for you as well.

11:32 PM Thursday E Good Night. 82 aggressive support until broken

11:32 PM Shawn Good night E sleep tight.

11:32 PM] E 78 stop for longs. u bet and thanks Shawn

6:55 AM E good morning. relentless. bots never sleep
step by step
91.5/ 92/ 93.75 / then 95.75 to 98 available
zeek’s 2901 NRO

4:10 PM E have nice weekend all

4:10 PM Dan you too E. Thanks

4:11 PM E dont mess with the Emini wizard System.

4:14 PM Scott Thanks E

5:00 PM Huss You too E, thanks for a great week

 A Few Recent Charts 

Charts tell a story. Interpret them as best we can as new information becomes available.

This Week’s Trade Suggestions

Have a Bias but be flexible

  • Buy Support in an Uptrending Market until it stops working
  • Locate squeeze pivots
  • Beginning of Month Bias is Up
  • Expect Bots to buy high and Sell higher
  • Gap and Squeeze has been working better than gap and poop
  • Recent Positon Supports Identified as 2892.5 2812.5, 2838, 2852, 2866
  • Recent Day Trade and Swing Supports 2869, 2871, 2878.5, 2882.75, 2886.75, 2891

 A Few Recent Free Videos 

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Liquidity Crisis

Quantitative Easing has failed

The combination of investment shifts into real estate, Emerging Markets, and corporate buybacks have created an interesting risk factor for liquidity during a financial panic.

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