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First Quarter is ending soon.

This is uncomfortable for me to ask.

Institutional Investors: How are you doing?

Numerous articles suggest you don’t carry your weight, you don’t give value for your paycheck.

Want to learn how to do better?

In all humility a good start may be to review my blogs. Charts, Videos, Text that has been freely shared.

It’s my legacy for those who want to evaluate my ideas before following or investing in MARKETwizardz products and Services.

Reality Check

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‏I was wrong.

I thought retail traders would need my help. They probably do, but many are probably missing important pieces of the puzzle, especially capital, experience, and time to trade.

Evidence is mounting that I need to refocus my energy and find some players who are frustrated enough to try something different.

Perhaps your search for Alpha has come up empty.

Why not take a chance on an obscure idea like MARKETwizardz and The Emini wizard System that has gone practically unnoticed among the noise?


They say it is unreasonable to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

Time for me to cut back on posts, charts, videos.

Serious students are welcome to study with me, but there are plenty of traders with advice available on the web for the freebie crowd.

Here is a video I shared today with some of our ideas.

2:55 PM E edge to longs for defending 28 and retest 36.5. 32.75 as agg squeeze pivot, til undone shorts dont have a chance #EMWS Late Day Video review ow.ly/MCpC30o5Ued

10:53 E 80.25 to 87.5 resistance targets for NQ 1:06 E 50 mid. protect profits be disciplined. thats hardest part. wanting the action but understanding this is a business not a video game

Friday’s high is 36.5 and watching that like a hawk for clues this afternoon as we were this morning

Why does there always need to be a reason for the bounce? why can’t it be “Smart shorts decided to capture some profits at perceived support and went to lunch” ?

9:57 E 28 agg support 11:27 E 28 test

7am E : may need one more high to sucker in more longs

8:20 E just play the ranges when we are at our desk and forget trying to call a top

8:25 AM E i am using 2842 to 2844.5 as next resistance targets

7:45 E if convenient trade short doesnt work, try again later 9:13 E convenient traders short paid at gap fill 30.25 if take a few simple trades a day like that, nothing fancy can do ok

#EMWS using same boxes we left off with on Friday Don’t re-invent the wheel

Bashing other’s opinions increases stress and creates undue bias. Relaxing poolside allows these bigger pic ideas to surface. Tough to do in the trading day. Balance work & play and filter out the noise that drowns the inner self. Exhale and Deep Breathing as helpful as TM imho

Posting to traders 11 at night & 7 in the AM makes me accountable and minimizes lazy thinking. When I wake up I see if my ideas are still valid or if I need to rethink things. New info needs to be processed and flexibility tends to reward those who listen to the market

A trader recently asked me if i journal between courses. Yes because it keeps my head in the game. My left brain blogs are my journal. Daily reflection I believe allows my right brained intuition to suggest swings of varying sizes. No one can do this for us. Experience matters

Make The Call


Off The Grid

Many Fund managers and Prop Shops are desperately in need of help but are afraid to admit it.

Do the right thing for your clients.

We can do better.

Bob Pisani

Index Funds

“Active fund managers trail the S&P 500 for the ninth year in a row in triumph for indexing”

  • Active managers who claim that they would do better during periods of heightened volatility are going to have to find another argument.
  • For the ninth consecutive year, the majority (64.49 percent) of large-cap funds lagged the S&P 500 last year.
  • After 10 years, 85 percent of large cap funds underperformed the S&P 500, and after 15 years, nearly 92 percent are trailing the index.

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