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PPT finally showed up. Kick save #EMWS nice weekend to all

4:02 E  anyone who took the rth high stop trade paid by 67.25

3:52 E trying to jam rth traders doubt it 79 , stop 79 but really cannot trade emotionally 3:43 E 67.25 i have as an idea for close #EMWS

3:51 E this is squeeze on late shorts 3:52 Melissa yes

3:50 E scratch the last short use 2 point stop on any new entry 3:52 PM E trying to jam rth traders doubt it 79 #EMWS

3:31 E stop 72 for shorts #EMWS

3:22 Last to leave lost, pfs by 62/ 65.25 if long #EMWS

L2LL Rule (Last to Leave Loses)

2:36 JohnH Good rule

2:35 E its a timing idea that we think says if u had good day, make sure dont screw up and work at walmart all day for nothing

2:34 JohnH Hah! thank you

2:34 E it means kids, 5 mins til bedtime, clean up your mess, get ready for bed

2:26 PM E dont get careless shorts now need to weigh risk for eow profit taking vs no pressure, so why come out? cover, willing to miss is safest
if get bounce try one more entry/ we said early if got sell during day, would think late buy/ if got buy early, reverse it #EMWS

2:25 E range trade , but shorts have had great week and will sit on this until / if a jam comes near eod. PPT been losing their touch. Using doji for clues if still trading. Hitting bounces has been plan #EMWS

1:46 E Protect Profit time, if any #EMWS

1:13 E Ok all twitter gurus take five mins for high fives yay we called it and then get back to work… #EMWS lol

1:10 E find the logical rhythm for price and timing #EMWS

11:47 E 48.75/ 49 target come to papa paid 51 guys and be happy 11:54 E retest ib low is 59/60 11:57 E longs pfs by 62.5 great call zeek about profit taking// angel one more short today i think

9:46 AM E this is convenient trade short they waited until the open sucked in charlie long 11:05 E 15 RTH says longs have some work to do and should not get overconfident #EMWS 9:41 E relative to where we were at 330 yest short side my favorite

11:42 We thought odds were best for short side , but expected a brave game face by longs #EMWS

11:30 AM E love the smell of fear on the longs 11:47 E paid 51 guys and be happy #EMWS

7:52 AM E 2755 agg support 9:17 E longs paid by 82 resistance for sure or by open 9:41 E relative to where we were at 330 yest short side my favorite #EMWS git ‘er done Friday keep it simple, accumulate and spread trades out

7:42 E Very deserving Fari, well done. @Capt_Tiko next?

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Couldn’t Resist

Normally I do not have TV on during the day,
it’s too distracting.

Zeek started talking about the noise on TV so I thought I would see what I have been missing.

With all due respect, I will keep the TV off most of the time while I am focused on the markets.

Squeeze Louise

12:46 E 32/ 35.75 are theoretical supports

Shout Out

to Fari Hamzei at Hamzei Analytics for being on the cover of Timer Digest.

Very deserving Fari, well done. @Capt_Tiko next?

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