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As traders we try to align with the logical rhythm and when suspected OTF targets are achieved, capture them ow.ly/OWzf30nscix #EMWS Those time and price locations are best opportunities for a contra against the trend imho

E [7:37 AM] 72 test Not ruled out #EMWS 9:34 E squeeze on above 55 9:54 E rabid dog days are very hard if we fight them 10:12 E next 68.75/69.5 as resistance target stops up

E [8:54 AM] if trailed payday 61.5/ 62 , 64 is target. didn’t think get it this early ow.ly/iyPd30nrWG5 risk and reward time

yesterday 3:21 E agg support 34 11:18 PM E 42 aggressive support #EMWS protect profits if any ahead of news

Latest Post: Turtle Trap Day ow.ly/3C1430nrpSH Kaiser Soze all the way #EMWS

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