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The Emini wizard System offers an array of unique strategies, insights and plays for new traders and Professionals. Ready to take your game up a notch? Try the E-widget and watch your charts come alive with simplicity.

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The focus is on finding low-risk, high odds trade ideas

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The Professional Edge

Traders in my live trading room get coaching in real time. Not a pre-packaged plan like Stouffers Frozen Chicken Alfredo, or an after market review that is done with the benefit of hindsight. I teach them to think like a Bot, mentoring them with tough Love to help them conquer their fear and emotional issues.

Can you do this live as the market is moving?

I show them how to use our proprietary system and explain the rules and concepts with our strategies as opportunities develop. Most importantly, we talk about position sizing, risk and reward, and how to execute trades in real time.

Watch and Learn as I pull back the curtain a bit.


It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t.

It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not.

I’m not telling you it is going to be easy,

I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

Tough Love Thoughts at the Open


I talked with traders how they always are like drug addicts waiting for their next fix. We had already just suggested taking a ride south side premarket for the 82/81 zone from the double top overnight.  For conservative traders, I explained their day was already done if they got their vig of 4 or 5 points per contract already out of that 10+ point swing.

Get good at repeating that type of trade every day and we have a real business, not a hobby.

For around two points or so traders get the opportunity to learn from my experience in these sessions. A number of these traders have invested in the E-widget and the Emini wizard System and are beginning to understand the Power of our methodology.

09:27:57 From Don : so what is the best odds short or long
09:34:13 From Dennis Parmelee : try to buy 78/82 against the drop
09:34:19 From Dennis Parmelee : convenient trade
09:34:40 From Dennis Parmelee : cuz best odds short already done from 92 resistance to test 82/81
09:35:00 From Don : under stood
09:35:10 From James : naw, that was good.
09:44:58 From James : naw, that was good.
09:48:12 From James : Great video, E. Good Football example on your site.
10:06:48 From Don : i need more examples like this helps a lot

Patience is required while going through the learning curve.

Don [4:09 PM] Thanks E one day I will learn to drive this Ferrari lol

E [4:27 PM]
lol be patient
find one trade u realllllllly like
then master it

that’s all we need
half gap trade is a good one
and a 456


Git ‘er done Friday ow.ly/3nYa30nhyq5 #EMWS

Si Senor, Armstrong on Mexican Standoff ow.ly/Xe5k30nhstC #EMWS 81 squeeze pivot still intact. Friday afternoon position squaring for the generals in narrow range day, nice weekend to all

We never know what will happen when we make a trade but really it just comes down to managing. Trade either works or it doesn’t. Just like a putt on the golf course. Some go in, some don’t. ow.ly/xSZ230nhpLD when longs want profits, it’s a good time for short entry. #EMWS

1:04 E contra time maybe next half hour or so 87.5 mid #EMWS timing trade

Time waits for no one. 1985 is current event for me, I just can’t remember what happened. #FT71

“You are as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fears; as young as your hope, as old as your despair. – Samuel Ullman #EMWS yesterday’s post ow.ly/FFmt30nhmMf

10:06 Don : i need more examples like this helps a lot 10:59 E : 81 squeeze pivot ow.ly/KOrD30nhl6E odds trade was to be patient and look to buy closer to position support #EMWS recommended 1 sell at 87.5 pivot for retest low ow.ly/mAvZ30nhlEu

good morning. ow.ly/ouNp30nh6Fv #EMWS pre market snack in tedious overnight range. flat for news

2:23 E 98.25 is potential target , using the 95/98 must be paid 2:34 E shorts must push this under 85 or get screwed into the close 98.25 is today’s t3 3:12 E 85 i said was problem for shorts if cant get under and stay under #EMWS


Your job as a parent is to listen.

And to dole out as much love as you can.

That includes tough love.

-Christie Brinkley


Really, coaching is simplicity.

It’s getting players to play better than they think that they can.

– Tom Landry

Angels and Demons

The Professional Edge

#EMWS Trading Room