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“ Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom. ”

― George S. Patton

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Sunday 4:12 PM E  Think common sense Most miss the simplicity of what we do


I guessed correctly that the market was not yet ready to plunge, that the day low could already be in.

Options expiration, stolen range, odds was for the convenient trade long side.

7:17 E SOC was 88.75 so now that is our pivot

7:19 E my guess is we do some range trading from 62 support through 82/85 . stolen range overnight

Action/ Reaction

“Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

― Dorothy M. Neddermeyer


1:37 E strange day overnight move has been neutralized 78 aggressive support until broken shorts must undo that ow.ly/MJFV30njoYj #EMWS

1:24 E day low in, but we could get an afternoon that favors shorts for pb into more neutral territory , 92 resistance 1:35 E these type days are hard because in reality it has been a two way day but 1 way since rth hh and hl. squeeze type pattern 82.5 is ib high #EMWS

Pre market video for our preparation ow.ly/BE7J30njiwN #EMWS half gap achieved near 85 ow.ly/jYkt30njiAk important SOC zone retesting ow.ly/uFuV30njiCw aggressive shorts playing against the 68 support bounce haven’t had much luck (yet) against the squeeze back

thank goodness I wasn’t taxed for this mistake. We do get sloppy with text messages, that’s for sure. now hopefully the intent of the message wasn’t lost because of the focus on proper grammatical rules.

No skin in the game is the problem. If the fund had to have a $ of it’s own for every client $, then they would try to invest a bit more responsibly imho.

Lol, no disrespect for a consistently great Alabama team. That’s why many aren’t fans of Nick, he is on a higher level

Before being overly critical, it should be acknowledged that some made a lot of money NOT guessing a top for a good many years buying support while chicken Little’s calling a top from 1950 + got steam rolled. Always easy in hindsight, like putting $ on Clemson

11:30 E fridays 77 broke, so 77/83 is normal first resistance 11:38 PM E 68 for profit taking, using 30 min globex ow.ly/aBGy30niRaj #EMWS next support and resistance is…

Day by day, step by step #EMWS helps traders who are ready to grow into the professionals they are meant to be. Can’t do it with a few witticisms on twitter ow.ly/bt4O30nhRLA A big thanks to the many great professionals who unselfishly share their ideas

Generation gap. Finally some payback for seniors learning to use an iPhone #EMWS 😂

Git ‘er done Friday ow.ly/3nYa30nhyq5 #EMWS

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