And So it Begins...

We're off to the Races

Plan for 2019

Idea for 2019 Listen (to the market) more, talk less. Observe patterns.

Take reasonable risk if there is an edge.

Don’t argue with Mr Market or people on twitter.

Accept that we will miss lots of opportunities and leave chips on the table.

Try to catch pieces of the swings #EMWS


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8:15 AM – 31 Dec 2018  E:
‏If you ignore family and the human side of life that’s tragic. Finding the right balance is the hard part. It’s easier I think as we get older. More time , less responsibility, and hopefully acquired enough capital and experience. My 2 cents hope it helps some of just starting

Dec 31 E
Trading, like any business poses a conundrum. If you are not passionate about it, it may be difficult to put in the required time to become proficient enough to be successful.

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The Road to Hell

When government – in pursuit of good intentions – tries to rearrange the economy,

legislate morality, or help special interests, the cost come in inefficiency,

lack of motivation, and loss of freedom.

Government should be a referee, not an active player.

– Milton Friedman

Weekly Thoughts

Jan 4

2:49 E so i think hod is in, thinking they may want to close 2930

2:19 E and 29.75 is now the normal magnet. market trying to decide about this.
this push today has left a big hole of missing support for next week/ today its all about paint the tape and make everyone feel good #EMWS great weekend to all

cannot be too agg now fighting the tape 2:36 PM E now + 225 points from the swing low dec 26 remember we said could get crazy bounce after 500 point plunge? Dec 24 2:26 PM E 2320 next support target #EMWS next 2317, 2311.25 and 2305.75 fwiw

1:23 E 22 agg support #EMWS that was also a breakout , so conservative idea is assume trap continues above it first time back if realigned with trend then manage 2:19 E any rebuys think conserve 5 to ten points more is gravy

1:19 E ten point stop for short 38/42 zone . risk ten make 4 or 5 anyways, crazy trade #EMWS unorthodox and not typical of my conservative recommendations

Today was about winning the Psychological battle for the beginning of the year position trades. Traditional metrics are irrelevant according to our criminal handbook.

Retesting the 2529 breakdown was part of our analysis #EMWS extreme target today included 2535

8:20 AM E 78 is the primary magnet so directionally we will use that as a guide #EMWS Kick save started early last night after washing out yesterday’s low

8:35 E t1 resist 99 and t2 gap fill 2511 10:21 E anyone short must be paid by 87/ 86.75 prior high #EMWS primary targets achieved

9:19 E t1 resist 99 #EMWS advised traders to be flat ahead of Powell, Protect profits if any

7:51 E so 68 support aggressive zone 8:54 E i still think later we get test of 95.5
looked to me like the 30 globex would support 70 #EMWS

11:52 PM 45 squeeze pivot holding helps longs. shorts may cover some ahead of powell tomorrow #EMWS Not just about the numbers

Jan 3
11:22 PM E and if goes short side must be paid by target 48 #EMWS

8:11 PM E losing 95 agg support opened door again #EMWS our agg resistance 95/99 today and T1 2455.25 achieved #EMWS advised trailers locked/ capture. Law of alternation, we didn’t want to see repeat of yesterday run up

6:38 E good morning 62 holding for now plunge happened then has been consolidating 67 test is yest rth low 6:48 AM edge should be for small bounce long #EMWS

Jan 2
Say less, focus more. 2:04 E 2520 hit and keep 95 support #EMWS losing 95 post market hurt longs premise

2:26 E trap and squeeze today’s gap then run to dtop and hang onto trapped shorts for test of the 21/23 and higher. i still think this is resistance zone ahead of xx 2:35 E longs time and price anything more today is lucky, cannot believe the all day buy. need some profit taking

My Co pilot helped me navigate the traffic returning to Naples. I reminded her I only have 1 life so be conservative with ideas.

6:36 AM E for those who are starting off the year trying to get head around market i have 2452.5 as xx target. normally that target is take profits target #EMWS 10:14 E generals said u aint goin’ anywhere without me 11:20 E paid by 9.5to 2512.5

7:03 E 2 way day if buy use 52 stop 10:04 E bias is range trade and no problem buying pb til stops working 10:12 E good possibility low is in for today 7:04 E thats convenient trade with recent bounce #EMWS reviewed 5 good reasons to buy in hole today

In case I forget, a big thanks to all of you who have shared ideas and interaction with me this year, truly appreciated. Happy New Year to all

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