Correction Continues

Another lower high and lower low

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To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family,

to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind.

If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment,

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They exist in mutual funds. They exist in clothes. They exist in cars. They exist in lifestyles.

Jim Cramer


3:27 PM E target 12 ahead of the 08/ 03 we talked about pfs by 22 3:40 E
2406.75 next idea . Market got most of the targets generated by #EMWS
3:35 PM Zeek 2403 anyone? 3:35 E lol on the radar yes

7:33 E 2459.25 pivotal #EMWS held this afternoon and was our compass

still lower targets , stops down at 12.5

2:15 PM Zeek 2424.5 next target if they want to take market lower
2:25 Pm E 2426.75 is the xx level and basically next big support zone #EMWS still lower targets, running out of time

2:49 E let it come to u idea worked great on contra. if took the 62/58 resistance
payday 42 we said and gravy below and fast profit taking shows its just day trade algos buying. target 29 by EOD if lucky Merry Christmas ! #EMWS

we have made the 41.75 /42 low from yesterday a live pivot , shorts need to be conservative and stops down if in it #EMWS are you feeling lucky?

Video sponsored by The No pullback crowd #EMWS Not yet

Next primary support target for #EMWS is 2429 , just an idea about risk and reward and thinking like a Bot. Last five points always the hardest. Lower targets too, but step by step

12:46 E Contras are strong longs paid by 58//62

lower highs and lower lows continue good time and price to cash in some put options if have them #EMWS

12:08 E 54.5 t2 48 t3 and 41.75 t4 inside day. longs couldnt break 85/87.5 hurt their cause when gave up 92/85 so fast 12:30 E any day low available, including the xx targets mentioned yesterday. double bottom test

11:34 E be conservative. getting more profits if any not the concern, keeping profits if any is #EMWS Good week ? risk small if play this afternoon

10:57 E: now longs need to stop the hemorrhage 11:08 E 65 test, should be paid by 72/71 and if trailer good fortune time on breakdown. i have 60.75 target on break #EMWS Boyz washed out both sides of overnight range . hit bounces in fugly market, trail/ get back in

Occam’s Razor for that resistance target and potential pullback target using The E-widget #EMWS keep it simple. Corrective markets have explosive rallies. When they get near expected resistance, try 1 more time, don’t be stubborn

10:31 E figured maybe 1 good short today if we got a pop , 18 also resistance
10:40 E if get to 87/ 85 ca ching it #EMWS

unpossible not to want to hit a bounce or two today #EMWS not expecting much , accumulate hit and run if playing. trail for a few more

Eminiwizard [10:28 AM] 91.25 pay day if short 92/ 91 retest #EMWS opportunity for hit and run traders

10:13 and shorts will need several tries today cuz boyz have agenda this morning
later may not fare so well, stop run as expected 98.5 is t1 and t2 2505. using target 2505/ 07.5 and above that its the 2512 high resistance #EMWS

9:33 E hg 81.75 #EMWS assumption is range trade , paid by half gap and above is good fortune . avoid trouble day, start the weekend early

9:27 AM E paid into 80 if short perfect frame done by 75/72, short side is fast #EMWS

11:10 PM E So 65 support, 95 resistance overnight. Will see where it is in the morning and keep things light. Git ‘er done 8:36 AM E ok if took convenient trade payday at gap and now relax at 92 test #EMWS longs trying to use get out of jail card, not yet.

Lol that’s what happens when we go down the wrong road

Hi Debbie, best to you and yours

Is unpossible even a word ?

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