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Weekend Gossip

Ok you pollsters, someone please set something up off this idea #EMWS and thanks in advance

If Grace were my wife, I would say: “Sorry Honey, you have to go back to work now.”

6 :04 E first south side targets already achieved 17 support broke, opens door to 2612.5/ 10.5 6:08 E watch 2622 for clues #EMWS

Latest #EMWS Blog Post : Violation

3:04 PM E 17 next by predictive system 3:16 E need profit taking by close
pfs and relax 3:49 PM E if took the 45+ entry grab it by 32 stops down
trail at 32 #EMWS We advised traders no holdover longs, not worth the risk

Friday 1:13 E i could be wrong but i dont think we get repeat of yest close
2:40 E reminder step by step, hit bounce drop losers, if 24 gets hit, 17 next support below yest low and i am being prepared, not saying we go there

Trade ideas posted in slack room #EMWS

Nice story, essential lessons. #4 “balance” of action and reaction, especially at extremes of time and price

Maybe Naples fl not far enough south for snowbirds…

That was awesome 😎


I am simply differentiating between traders and investors, not suggesting everyone should be a day trader. Not knocking swing/ position trading , thanks for sharing your views

RT Woke up to 2 feet of snow.

Illinois is a banana republic, they need to do something Matt

Common sense should be renamed un common sense.

Missed opportunities for those who stalk. 80 point swings in a day recently and u can’t find a trade u like you’re not a trader. 8 point ranges a day was more like it when I started

Sorry to hear this JL

Under the Jan highs is h and s if comes out the bottom, so 2820 highs are important for pattern. 200 point range being resolved

Great point Simon. These are normal swings but the time is compressed . Position traders are spinning their wheels while flexible day traders with skills enjoy cash flow from this volatility. Adapt or stay sidelines.

This is a process and he will become very successful shortly. He is transitioning from position trading to day trading, and is well capitalized. Catch and release idea of taking chunks of rotations intraday is an art, like plays within a football drive. Thanks CENY.

Actually he took small losses but said he had an extreme bias for the long side. This filter was his blind spot. We’re going to get bruised playing the game, especially if day trading emini sp. I can’t help traders if they aren’t honest with me, so I respect his self awareness

I tried Waffles and chicken last night at Elm City Social. No leftovers or I would have it for breakfast too.

I was chatting with a trader after market yesterday who confided he was listening to my calls and got beat 3 times. He asked me to guess where and I correctly picked them. Problem? He was trying contras fading my trend ideas. He trusts my experience but his mindset needs a reset

Posts to Ghosts

11:39 E trailers above and 92 agg support angel 12:25 PM E angel 93.25 pfs #EMWS Intraday swingers always have opportunity, but it’s not for slow thinkers and indecisive traders

11:40 E 2612/2615 agg resist #EMWS don’t get careless now shorts.

Was thinking of this epic battle that symbolizes September smackdown denials by the longs #EMWS catch an arm or a leg as market moves

#EMWS must be paid 2584.75 to 2581.25

pattern of ll and lower highs continues for now #EMWS

10:02 E 2602 as next support target #EMWS wanted to test that baby

@MrTopStep I tried yesterday to get some opinions from the Trend Boyz who feel no decisions need to be made for long periods of time, no luck Wait until hindsight then they will shout it out 2603 gets busted I think

reminded #EMWS traders of 2603 big level , PFS if short .

An example of Monday Morning Quarterbacking Hindsight analysis similar to talking heads in the coulda woulda shoulda financial markets #EMWS

8:27 E 45 agg resistance 9:08 E 32 breakout, 31.5 pfs #EMWS day traders do it all day long

7:35 E high not in yet, my guess stop some shorts before another wave
can get 30 to 40 point bounce today slingshot style #EMWS

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Failed plans should not be interpreted as a failed vision.

Visions don’t change, they are only refined.

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Be stubborn about the vision, but flexible with your plan.

– John C. Maxwell

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