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Make This Your Year

Time to Improve?

Why Re-Invent the Wheel ?

We locate Opportunities

We think a good day trader must be able to analyze swing and position ideas.

Once These fundamentals are grasped, then we can compress the time frames and find many more opportunities.

The Professional Edge

Your Trading is a Business

Understanding rotations and timing is the key to becoming a Master Day Trader. Markets breathe: they inhale,exhale. We can often play Hit and Run and catch pieces of the moves intraday as the price fluctuates. Identifying the expected type of day is crucial, range or a breakout. Understanding Position and Swing ideas comes first.

  • Understand the OTF reaction zones
  • Every day offers opportunity
  • Learn how how to go from amateur to professional

We Are Unique

Each of our Super Jurors contribute a unique perspective of the markets, allowing us to continually make educated guesses as to “what’s next?”.

Super Jurors

Angels and Demons

Balance of Power Magnets

Combo Systems

Exponential Moving Averages


Flip Flop

Murrey Math

Support, Resistance, and Pivots

Trader’s GPS

The Secret Code

Eighty Eight

Quiet Confidence

“E is the best kept secret on Financial Twitter” – Kyle

Thank You

Thanks to all the many students who have trained with me over the past Decade.
My only regret is that I was unable to help more aspiring traders realize their dreams.

This is a challenging business, and transferring our understanding of the ever evolving markets is not simple or easy.

Serious students who have a bit of capital and some time have been rewarded with a deeper understanding of the things that matter in The Emini wizard System. Price, Pattern, Timing, Psychology, Anticipating, Reacting, Odds and Probability.

A free chat room has been established for the Eagles so they may continue to collaborate and share insights.

Thank you for your belief in me and more importantly, in yourself.

Products and services offered can be found on the shop page.

I am taking a break from running The Live Trading Room. Time for renewal and discovery of other ways to help people.

Traders are welcome to contact E directly at

Teamwork and Friendship

James_JrEagle 11:00 AM Friday 12/31/2019
Really appreciate the tools and coaching – gonna be a great year!!!

Kyle 11:03 AM
It’s been an enlightening six months, much appreciated for you sharing your wisdom and experiences

Ed 11:15 AM
Agree with you Kyle..
Thank you E.

Happy new year to you all.

Emini wizard 11:15 AM
Thank you

DDC 3:52 PM
happy new year everyone. all the best. speak thursday in the new year…


What We Can Do For You

While trading is a simple business, it’s not easy.  We believe in a confident, methodical approach that minimizes the emotions and focuses on repeatedly executing high odds strategies. Traders who use tools like our E-widget can visually see the important relationships that exist in larger time frames, allowing us to detect precision targets by OTF Traders.

Chat with Traders

Develop relationships with other traders who are learning the Emini wizard System. Share experiences and ideas.

Money Management

We stress this is a business, Risk control and preservation of capital is the key to longevity as a trader.

Conceptual Theory

Learn the basic concepts and underlying principles, plays, patterns, and strategies of successful trading,

Execution is Everything

Analysis is meaningless without taking effective action. Control your emotions and take the trades.

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