The E-widget Sweet Suite

Soar High and take your trading to new levels

The E-widget Suite of Tools and Preset Templates

Made Especially for Ninja Trader 8

The E-widget offers Customizable Analytical Solutions for Traders. This is the Swiss Army Knife of

Indicators and is the knife E brings to a gunfight. Minimum of eight tools in one. Use the Emini wizard

Preset templates for fibs, support and resistance targets, risk and reward ideas, regression trades and

more or build your own. Works with Stocks, Futures, Forex, ETF’s.

The Gladiator

The Gladiator Template is at the heart of many E-widget templates and is the basic foundation for the Step by Step System. You may easily customize and tweak this basic formula and settings according to your needs.

Rocket Man

With the Rocket Man template, the user can easily see the sequential breakout or breakdown targets for any defined range.

Psychic Vision

As with any of these templates, you may easily customize and tweak this basic formula and settings according to your needs. The Psychic Vision template is a predictive chart that gives suggested ranges for the day. If those ranges are exceeded, it even computes next logical support or resistance targets.

Triple T

The Tunnel through Time indicator uses settings on a chart. They are sigma-type boundaries surrounding the price action that give potential clues to over-bought and oversold conditions relative to any given time frame.

Viper Sniper

There are many “Hidden Pivots” in the market, and The Viper Sniper template is a tool that locates them with precision using the Emini wizard System guidelines.

Swing Slingshot

Define your multi-day range and easily visualize the underlying step by step system on your charts. The Swing Slingshot Template gives precise regression trade ideas according to our normal settings. Customize at will if you have your own preferences.


The template for the Three Box System is relative to any time frame. The Emini wizard System frames a support and resistance box and then we manually adjust those boxes according to current price. Viewing multiple time frames allows users to determine where the OTF players are supporting and fading the market.

Balance of Power

The template for The Balance of Power is quite unique and can be computed for any size swing. The Emini wizard System locates many different “magnets”, and as always users may adjust settings to define their own  magnet zones.

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