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“Thank you to  all who participated in this session.” – E

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Spring Special

Fly High

The Emini wizard System

The Emini wizard system is for serious traders only…

This is only for traders who want to use many of the tools in The Emini wizard System  that E uses.

Traders with a hunger to improve are encouraged to make a one time investment. Learn how to trade for a living or as an additional income stream.

The best part?

It is being offered at a fraction of the cost of what the normal value price is. This system  will easily compare with some taught by others in the $6,000 to $10,000 range.

Read on if you are interested..


Live Trading Room

Four weeks of Real Time analysis and commentary in a Discord room. Available for 24/7 community interaction.


Our entire package of  spreadsheets that provide conceptual learning tools and also allow for multi-year data entry and analytical relationship studies.

Plays and Patterns

Over 30 of our organized system of repeatable plays and patterns that provide our traders with defensive and offensive strategies.

Video Review

Video Reviews of analytical ideas, spreadsheets, plays and patterns and how to program the indicators to your custom needs.

Various Trading Vehicles Included

In addition to extensive review of the E-mini SP500 or NQ we will also help traders use the tools for other products like ETF’s, RTY, and basic stocks.

Automated Analysis

The E-widget, Angels and Demons, and The Balance of Power Indicators with their Proprietary algorithms are easily customizable to your needs. These are not included in the system investment.

Three Powerful Indicators Available

Professional Analytical Solutions

Locked in Value

The bonus value pricing for the indicator packages may be renewed at the

discounted value provided there is uninterruptible continuity of service.

Bonus Offers valid through Midnight April 30, 2024


Angels and Demons

Institutional signal bars that suggest professional order flow between the highs and lows.

The Balance of Power

This is one of the most powerful Spreadsheets in The Emini wizard System and it has been automated into an indicator.

The E-widget

An invaluable tool that allows for hands-free analysis in multiple time frames.

Amelia Earhart


The most difficult thing is

the decision to act,

the rest is merely tenacity.

The fears are paper tigers.

You can do anything you decide to do.

You can act to change

and control your life;

and the procedure,

the process is its own reward.

Suggested Platform

NinjaTrader 8

We began the development of our sophisticated analytical tools like The E-widget with NinjaTrader 8 because of the siimplicity and robustness of their platform. While we can adapt this methodology to other platforms, why not first give them a try? It’s Free to use for Simulated Trading, perfect while you are learning.

As long as you have a compatible data feed, you may also use the tools for charting and use your own order entry platform from your dom or order window.

If there is enough interest (pre-order minimum of 5) in other platforms like Tradestation, Sierra Charts, TOS we will attempt to get these indicators coded for your use.

Eminiwizard System Package


Unbeatable value. This package includes the entire Emini wizard system.  It comes with 30 day Live Trading Room  support. 30 Days will begin after the  conclusion of this session. The System Owner Indicator Package is only available to System Members or those who invest in the Spread sheets.

Spread Sheet Package

Value Pricing

Terrific value. This package includes a one time investment for the entire set of spreadsheets E uses. It comes with 30 day support to assist traders to learn how to use these valuable tools. This is included in the Eminiwizard package.

Trading Corrective Markets

Incredible Value!

With our live session package, you’ll receive a 30-day lease of the E-widget proprietary indicator, providing unparalleled insights into market trends. Plus, enjoy 30 days of dedicated support to help you fine-tune your settings and maximize your trading potential. As a bonus, E’s main workspace is also included, offering a comprehensive toolkit to enhance your trading experience. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to elevate your trading game with top-notch tools and expert assistance.

Results Oriented

We Help Traders Outgrow Themselves
We believe in helping traders use day, swing, and position trade ideas to get better results no matter what tradable security they prefer. We are building a community of traders who want to improve and share ideas with others who aspire to become truly focused and professional.

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