Sitting by the Shore

“Sophia and Grandmother sat down by the shore to discuss the matter further. It was a pretty day, and the sea was running a long, windless swell. It was on days just like this–dog days–that boats went sailing off all by themselves. Large, alien objects made their way in from sea, certain things sank and others rose, milk soured, and dragonflies danced in desperation. Lizards were not afraid. When the moon came up, red spiders mated on uninhabited skerries, where the rock became an unbroken carpet of tiny, ecstatic spiders.”

– Tove Jansson

On Aging

“If you are old and you wish to be young again, if only for a moment, try and identify a dragonfly.”

-Simon Barnes

This dragonfly came up to me. He was hovering right in front of my face,

and I was really examining him, thinking, How does he see me?

I became enlightened. -Ziggy Marley