The Plunge

Rain Drops

The Beach Ball

Pushing the beach ball undrwater is one thing, keeping it there is another. Likely the bigger OTF players decided to support the undercut low and loaded up under 2700 and then supported the 2698.25 pivot during lunch and for the rest of the day. The Emini wizard System  suggested that after the IB high and 24.75 was broken, momo had shifted to the longs with the half gap, 51 retest, and gap available. The EOD profit taking swing was more a matter of risk and reward rather than shorts being eager to re enter. A dangerous day for newbies as well as experienced traders. Resistance target 2758 was not achieved, with a guess that it was possible late day to break the overnight high by a few tics.

Nicolas, A waterfall is as it sounds, over a cliff and splash down. The sllingshot is a ferocious rally that is typical in corrective markets when major support is found. Breaking the IB high triggered a reversal, and note the symmetry in the RTH range. Now let’s play Ball…

2:39 E 2750.75 is 5 rth rain and resistance target never underestimate Boyz
can go any high but i suggest if trailer long paid by 51 yest low this is a slingshot #EMWS 2:43 E above 48.5 potential target is gap fill and xx as resistance

2:11 E squeeze pivot 18 must be undone or uh -oh hit and run if play 42 target still NRO that zone 42/45.25 is breakdown zone #EMWS sense when the hunter has become the hunted

1:31 E this is search and destroy shorts before any more damage done could test 42 even today 38 is the early bird 1:44 E retest 23.5 more is good fortune if u had stop out (s) get it back #EMWS

1:14 E stop 38 for shorts #EMWS wac a mole during lunch Boyz been hungry with stop eaters

1:04 E 1:12 E this is typical of a waterfall/ slingshot low is in for the day i think, half gap is 34.5 #EMWS

8: 02 E sharp bounces today possible 11:32 E goal of boyz is 24.75 to break the IB high 1:04 E this swing is to test 32 breakdown, stops up if in the slingshot
8:27 E we will get a ferocious rally within the next few days so drop losers 40/50/ 60 point bunces possible #EMWS

8:03 E 28/32 agg resistance goal is to get something out of the day, so forget what was missed overnight 09:37 E : 22/28 agg resistance 10:06 E: target is 96.5 t1 support paid for sure 10:20 E : 85/88 support for profit taking

6:42 E 12 needs to go, then keep our eye on it as a benchmark, i will play trend til it is obvious i am stubborn #EMWS 7:48 AM E ok 12 broken if took trend short 28 resistance idea trailers win this round for the 12.5 test cover and relax

Maybe. Gloom and Doomers like Dent, Prechter, and Rickards have been wrong a very long time. 2930 was our Major target, since then we have been searching for support. Meanwhile we will monitor 2698.25 and Santa Claus , one day at a time #EMWS thanks for your opinion

Yesterday 2:58 PM Zeek I think longs are in big trouble. The bounce has failed and we need to search for support xxxxx is a red flagThe boys might wait until tonight to take us through the 2745 zone Fed policy error is a sure fire way to kill a bull market 3:00 PM E agree

8 days for the round tripper #EMWS

60 min chart has spoken #EMWS After 32 retest, 25 to 26.5 next support. Step by step

Latest Post : Journal #EMWS

8:11 E 45/42 target zone 8:16 E trail is for 38 test #EMWS

15 Globex working its magic #EMWS

Finding the chart in play helps with timing ideas #EMWS


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