#EMWS good morning 2262 support hangin’ tough for now $ES_F

Morning notes for longs posted for #EMWS Club 200 Paid by 2271.25 trailers for 2272.5 $ES_F

Armstrong on the coming central banking crisis nice history lesson #EMWS advice for Trump

#EMWS Runners only above 74.25 Demon if long for half gap and gap $ES_F

#EMWS using 2281 to 2282.25 as resistance targets above 79.5 Primary target $ES_F Paid for sure if long

#EMWS if Short payday is 2272 $ES_F good fortune below $ES_F risk and reward, right? Today’s theme in Club 200 is wac a mole

Turtle trader @rjparker09 “It’s really important to have a systematic approach to trading, and to stick to that system and follow it…”

@Intuitive_Power thank You very much, I appreciate it. Stay humble

Thank You

@Intuitive_Power @clayidus @onefourdroopy @JM2FL @BEFREEinFL @StevenTaggart thanks to all