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Video Update regarding #EMWS 2371 Target and risk and reward $ES_F low is likely in for today

@ES_F__NQ_F @AnthonyCrudele Anthony is special and wise beyond his years. 2371 Target achieved Bingo Paid by 2373 if long #EMWS

#EMWS 2378.25 then 2382 next resistance targets $ES_F “buy support in uptrends until it stops working”

#EMWS 2380.75 is a 61.8 target so all stops up if long $ES_F Be a lover of the market, not a fighter – Ernie Roseman

@HamzeiAnalytics Kudos General, great analysis for $ES_F targets

#EMWS First of the month bias is what it is $ES_F

@HamzeiAnalytics Don’t get a big head, you were nothing without Captain_Tiko

@bocajoes don’t forget to genuflect

Primary targets already achieved so chasers be nimble #EMWS now using 2389 to 90.75 as next resistance behind 2385

#EMWS If long in the melt up PFS by 2385 , stops up $ES_F

@MrTopStep paid by 2389 target and 78 aggressive support

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape #EMWS Video Update $ES_F

Kudos to my friend Zeek who emailed me this morning, he also spotted the 2390.75 Target using the Emini wizard System $ES_F Rabid dog day

#EMWS Capture all profits by 2392 if long and probably leave a few chips on the table $ES_F 2400.25 resistance

#EMWS Avoid Trouble 2402 resistance $ES_F aggressive support 2388

#EMWS any re entries long paid into 2400.25 to 2402 $ES_F anybody’s guess how high we go today, trailing stop 2394 now

#EMWS Time to think about goin’ fishin’ Boyz. Stair way to Heaven accomplished $ES_F

$ES_F Check out this mornings premarket analysis video, done live each morning. Nailed it in both #ES_F and #GC_F…

Higher #EMWS Updated video $ES_F Rabid Dog Days are unforgiving. honor your stop loss rules (u do have them, right?)

{NEW} #FuturesRadio Podcast with @MikeBellafiore EP: 111 Inside Look at Prop Culture 🔎

#EMWS Last to leave the party and late entries gave some back. Each trade should stand on it’s own $ES_F use common sense unless u r an algo

#EMWS Magnet is 92.25 use that for Bull/bear idea $ES_F