Three things cannot be long hidden:

the sun, the moon, and the truth.



But No Thanks.

Subject: New Message From MARKETwizardz – Get In Touch
Reply-To: “D. Thomas” (name changed)

Hello, I’ve thought of joining ‘E’ a number of times and haven’t. However I admire his ability and grit so will at least give you my reason for not joining:

Obfuscation: “angels” “demons” Market “Wizardz” all this suggestion of secrets; mysticism and hidden knowing – all recurring phenomena each cloaked by it’s own proprietary code name (though “Magnet” is good). Clarity in trading is hard enough to find already without this..
-with appreciation!


Tough Love

I hope this doesn’t come accross as pompous or lecturing, it’s not meant to be.

This is a reaction to an email I recently received from D Thomas.

First, I am grateful D took the time to tell me how he really feels.

That is the first step in a positive relationship: Open and Honest communication.

I have spent half my married life studying markets while perhaps others have invested considerably less time in understanding market movements. I still am learning every day, and consider myself maybe a 5 th grader regarding my knowledge. That is probably generous.

Obfuscation: Lets use the analogy of a baseball pitcher. We know he has maybe 4 good pitches, and probably only one or two of them Major League dominant.

When and where, and at what speed is he throwing?

He obfuscates for a reason: that’s his job.

There are those who think they are entitled to our hard earned “secrets” as you call them.

In fact many market participants use totally different methodologies and still arrive at similar conclusions.

The trick is to do it BEFORE it happens and to act on our belief if we are going to profit from it.

The twitter verse has become crowded with “me too” traders who originally skoffed at some of us for posting our “silly ideas”. Now thats the norm. In order to promote our posture and to stand out everyone willingly posts their thoughts in an attempt to sell their wares or show how smart we are.

Charlie thinks he can get ideas for free, why pay for it? Like discovering a cow who gives away free milk, who needs to go to the store and buy any?

And yet…

Parents fork over 200,000 or more for a college education, and many students come out with debt and no meaningful job prospects.

Why should skilled traders give up all their lessons for free?

95 bucks would have bought you a ringside seat to my thinking for a month, or more.

Many traders who invested in one course have been treated to several additonal months of insights for free.

Do you believe that is an unreasonable fee?

Thanks again for taking the time to interact Mr Thomas.

“In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King”

Angels and Demons is not mystical at all. I feely have admitted I borrowed this strategy from Kevin Haggerty, his “signal bar” strategy.

I just named them to fit in with my theme. Jack Schwager has provided wonderful resources for us through Marketwizards, and I decided I was going to borrow off that idea as Eminiwizard continued to evolve. I expect to continue to attract solid traders who have a thirst to further improve their ability to read the tape.

My recent advances with automated charting gave me the idea to name the basic templates for convenience. Forget terms like Rocket Man and Gladiator. If you are numeriacally oriented, lets think like ordering chineese food and call them #5 or #7.

Or A, B.C if alphabetically works better for you. .

Hidden meanings and symbolism are clues for those who really want it badly enough. Discovery is the name of the game.

I am still chuckling about my observation of  Fed UP that infuriated a few traders many years ago.

“Just tell us where its going !”

Doing our own critical thinking is a hard thing to do. It’s my opinion that those who do will “own the insights” and aha moments will be better retained.


Deli (@AnthonyCrudele) posted a target of 2772 a few months ago.

I had the intelectual curiosity to say “what is he thinking?”

Within five minutes I reverse engineered his idea and said aha! I sent him a direct message with a chart and said I see it.

Now I am not going to divulge to the public what I discovered; I respect him too much to do that. Having an inquisitive mind and actually doing the work is how we can grow as traders rather than just say gimmee gimmee gimmee.

I have studied with many mentors over the years, either by purchasing their materials, attending their webinars, or watching their ideas on twitter.

Within the past two weeks I have signed up to study with some advanced traders. I believe strongly in self-responsibility.

Barely audible

Thanks To All

The hardest part for me the past 6 months has been having to let go of saying thanks to all the wonderful trades who are kind enough to like, comment, retweet my posts. I have been overwhelmed with other responsibilities including aging parents in the family and simly am chosing what is the best use of my time to help others.

I chose to post when I can and beg for your understanding.

Your system/methodology gives a trader confidence. I heard 48 called out yesterday AM and I saw 2701 as a downside target at 6AM when I used the tools and information taught by YOU! Folks need to get on board!!! Thank you E for being humble and giving back!


Twitter June 28

My wife and I enjoyed a laid back day on Friday and spent some time taking a walk before the summer oven heated up. Then we stopped at the cemetary and paid respect to my mom and dad and to my grandparents. I was at both of their 50th anniversary parties.

We strolled down memory lane visiting a number of houses that we built and lived in over the years. A few held up ok but I was appalled at the neglect and lack of maintenance some subsequent owners have shown my babies.

We hung out for awhile at a local diner for lunch, skipping our traditional lobster rolls at a waterfront favorite. We were going to a fabulous New Haven steak house for dinner with a few members of our family.

Late afternoon we got a call from some relatives who said they were arriving early. I called an audible, and we canncelled dinner plans and decided to bring in Ernie’s Pizza and spend time with family instead.

No regrets, we had a great time.
Life is what happens to us while we are making all our plans – John Lennon

While at lunch I cheated.

My wife went to the bathroom and I opened up an emini chart on my phone.

“So how’s the market doing” She asked when she returned.

Do ya think she knows me after 50 years of marriage?

I said I think the high is in, looks like it anyways. i figured 45 to 48 would cap today’s bounce.

“Should hit maybe twenty five by end of day if the options boys get their way.”

It missed a 50 back and gap close by about one point,  (One and 1/4 for those who need more precisioin in their analysis) hitting 20.5 as two day swing traders captured profits late day..

Thanks to all for your gifts of friendship.

A Gift

The Emini wizard System began with Divine Intervention. After being frustrated and clueless I got down on my knees and asked a higher power for understanding. Within 24 hours a flash of inspiration came into my head, and after a year of intense study I came up with The Secret Code.

I still use it every single day.

I made a promise in exchange for that gift I would spend at least three years trying to help others with it. That was nine years ago and I continue to honor my pledge even after that debt has been paid.

I am sorry that I have disappointed you and apologize for my evidently obtuse comments.

Doubting Thomas, I suggest you reframe in your own mind what is important and decide to pay any reasonable price to achieve your dreams.

I know that diamonds mean money for this art
But that’s not the shape of my heart

The generosity from my heart to yours has been freely given with no strings attached.

That same committment to my wife and still best friend of 50 years defines me.

How about you?

The Sting


Did I forget to mention that relationships are important to us? You already knew that.

Not magic, witchcraft, voodoo, HVN’s (gasp) complex indicators, planetary alignments with aquarius in the 7th house,  delta cycle this, volume profile that. No Tv, no news other than being aware of when news is coming out.

We do like to keep it simple.

How about you?