Not thinking that MATD will be that powerful Month end tomorrow. 78 Stops intact for #EMWS for now, retesting 73 why not? $ES_F RTH Demon 77

#EMWS primary magnet is 2271 Paid for sure if short $ES_F seed capital

#EMWS 5 Globex $ES_F Club 200 study

#EMWS Aggressive support posted to Club 200 as 2266 /2267.25 as Boyz jammed above the IB 66 low in the snap back. nice retest zone $ES_F

Been reading Extortion: How Politicians Extract your money, buy votes, and line their pockets The criminal handbook

Overnight Angel posted to Club 200 is 2269, Demon at 2276. Window washers may be on their way, thinking conservatively

@jwsuga Life is Good Jason, thank you. Back at you. #EMWS

@TheFibDoctor Life was so much more fun in the 60’s when women wanted to burn their bras and make love not war…

First #EMWS Battle zones today $ES_F

#EMWS2272.75 is half gap as aggressive resistance, hitting bounces $ES_F

#EMWS if playing half gap PFS by 2272.5 to 73.5 in opening swing $ES_F

#EMWS consolidating pattern assumed for now, think small $ES_F hit and run and accumulate if playing IB risk 2 make 2

RT @e #EMWS Aggressive support posted to Club 200 2266 /2267.25 as Boyz jammed above IB 66 low in the snap back nice retest zone $ES_F PFS

Trailers for 63.5 test $ES_F t1

#EMWS Club 200 IB is often the best hour to play volatility. Guess right, make your 4 points and go play golf, whatever $ES_F

#EMWS Easy does it, targets 63.5 T1 nearby and then gravy below 2262.5 and 58/59.25 next support $ES_F 64.5 is S1 today

#EMWS Descending triangle idea played out to test yesterday’s low $ES_F

#EMWS Bingo mania All stops down if short $ES_F

@TraderSmarts let me think about that…

#EMWS Normal Pace chart 15 Globex $ES_F

#EMWS PFS by 64.5 to 63.5 if took trend re entry at the retest of the 68 breakdown $ES_F

#EMWS Lunch range is typically narrower and not a high odds time to trade, so think small if trading $ES_F

#EMWS 60.5 is on the radar, but lower odds $ES_F

#EMWS Think risk and reward and be happy catching pieces of the move $ES_F

#EMWS Time for a swim and leaving it be. Month End programs may come alive, protect profit time $ES_F

#EMWS Month end windows washed SSB / Taylor day 3 as posted last night Club 200 78 test coming $ES_F if you played the pattern PFS

#EMWS Boyz Trying to close the month above LYH 2273 $ES_F timing trade from our Criminal handbook

#EMWS Keeping 59 support at the bottom of the pipe as posted $ES_F #Study

@StevenTaggart we can bounce and still get retest failure. 1st of month bias may kick in next few days Steven. See what Boyz do overnight

@StevenTaggart ciao. Will use 2267.25 as an aggressive guide #EMWS

Taylor Day 3

Thank You

@StevenTaggart @digitalhinder @shemesht @clayidus @pipsnticks @TraderSmarts @BrettDavid @Intuitive_Power @RectorRe @wolftrader18 @traderstan1 @TheFibDoctor @jsfalvo @jwsuga @BEFREEinFL @PatrickGrattan @BrentRShelton thanks to all and any I missed