“You can’t turn a NO into a YES without a MAYBE in between.” -Frank Underwood, House of Cards

Believe you can.

Twenty plus years of study, analysis and trading has allowed me to assemble insights and a system that provides a distinct professional edge in the markets.

My library is full of Mentors that have helped shorten the learning curve. I read the books, watched the markets, found ideas that work, eliminated the ones that didn’t.

Our legacy Emini wizard site contains nearly five years of free blog posts with charts, text, and videos.


I am honored to be named in the same sentence with some Super Traders of the world who have been profiled in Jack D. Schwager’s Market Wizards, (A reminder this site has no affiliation with that author) and the many outstanding contributors on twitter.

I didn’t start out with that dream, but step by step, The Emini wizard System evolved with an uncanny ability to trade ranges or trends.


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I am a coach, a teacher, a friend. If you think I can help you or your organization scale your own wall, please give me a call or email us at admin@eminiwizard.com