Lower Highs , Higher Lows

Work on the short putts for better scoring

Past is Prologue

Trader Talk

Past is prologue, and bots have made markets somewhat even more predictable. History may not repeat, but it certainly rhymes, because markets reflect human emotions that remain constant : fear and greed. Look for completion targets and exhaustion areas

2: 45 edge to longs because shorts had good day and will start to cover now 3:31 E
78.5 MUST be paid if long #EMWS

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12:38 E T2 63.5 12:41 Zeek 63.5 yesterday’s angel #EMWS ow.ly/oiSB30miNU2 Introductory offer New Product automated Angels and Demons ow.ly/GUlM30miNZT

Op Ex games ow.ly/KBhu30miNhz 2:21 E stop 62 for longs #EMWS

9:15 Zeek 99.25 is yesterday’s rth demon #EMWS 10:08 Zeek we almost hit the 2801 target for today 11:19 Zeek NQ threatening to break lower 11: 55 Zeek the trend is trying to reverse down. Once hg fills and RDD up is no longer in force NQ falling right now #EMWS great read Zeek

7:03 E not about guessing exact high or low but about squeezing our daily bread out of the swings. op ex so i expect at least 1 maybe two head fakes 7:18 i think 86.5 high gets broken today 2 way day wac a mole 1 good short, maybe 2 #EMWS 11:57 E played nine ran out of golf balls
12:02 E 10 rth stalled this 12:09 Zeek 88-92 resistance for taking out rth 78 low
12:10 E xx so 90 mid that swing goal of boyz is run stops then can retreat a bit
12:27 E 67.5 first support under ovn low 12:34 E get 70/ 73 great more is unknown
12:36 E 65 support #EMWS

RT@MrTopStep #ES #NQ #tradingstrategy Have you signed up for the webiar for tomorrow events.genndi.com/register/81818…

yesterday 2:31 PM E the boyz will try and break the lunch high at 86.5 by eod or its capitulation #EMWS “55 low support until broken” intact for now, and op ex

Second Mouse

After the intital squeeze and retest/ failure near 2800. the market retreated to close he half gap and gap. Second mice got the cheese, and our work suggested the 68 area was magnetic once the IB low got taken out. Zeek led the troops until I got back around noon while I played a fast nine. I remebered to take my Aleve and the swing is coming back. No birdies, four pars, 3 bogeys and two doubles. Never saw the beach, but did wash my golf ball a few times.


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