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Congratulations to the World Champion Boston Red Sox.  They earned their victories one run at a time, one game at a time.

Each small victory contributed to the larger one, and that is the simple truth

Prepare to win and accumulate.

Steve Pearce said it Best when receiving his MVP Award:  “We are a bunch of grinders.”

The name of the game is performing under pressure. A plan, some incredible talent, deep breaths, focus, executuion.



Scott [3:50 PM]  TY E. Outstanding!!! Scott [3:58 PM]nE / Z just awesome calls. Keep shaking my head.

Friday Oct 26

I had to leave early today but wanted to say I really enjoyed being in the room this week. You all seem like a great crew. Your trading systems are really amazing in finding possible support/resistance areas and targets to be aware of. You and Zeek have a great pulse on the markets…Thanks again and have a great weekend! — xxx


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Prepare Well, Be Nimble, Remain Humble

7:18 PM E anyone who is playing tonight there are two more significant retests
55.25 is first, then … #EMWS

Keep ideas simple so we can react in fast markets #EMWS

RT @TheFibDoctor $SPX $ES_F Daily chart.
♦ Target met at 2617.46.
♦ Picked up support just ahead of the catch fence; nice bounce.

RT @TraderSmarts #Futures #Markets #Trading Today’s #ES_F TS TradePlan Chart. Highest Odds Short and Range Short were right next to each other. Sellers at Range Short for HOD and she traded all the way down to Highest odds Long FTD. A big coast to coast move in the E-mini S&P-500.

Well that was a doozy #EMWS What’s a few points among friends? a gimmee on the golf course with @MissTrade anyways Stay humble and disciplined or get carried out in a body bag.

C Note traders yeeha time 3:11 PM Zeek write 2601 down for globex tonight 3:14 E we talked about that 2601/ 2602.5 this morning #EMWS

more available for swing and position traders who want to trail #EMWS

3:05 PM E so trailers are hailers 3:15 E 19.25 t4 #EMWS 3:30 E 18.75/19 target possible

time to avoid trouble and we have advised caution for the last hour. Corrective markets need to accept stop outs then try one more time short. Unthinkable to those who cut their teeth on BTFD Mantra #EMWS AMZN gap closed, top of the island

2:54 E 39.75 T2 good luck if trailing still time for that stop 65 #EMWS 3:03 PM E all that’s left below 39.75 is hidden pivot 37.25 and Friday low 3:05 E 39.75 t2 achoo and achieved 27.25 all that’s left 37.25 hidden pivot get paid for sure
dont fall asleep

Trend traders advised PFS by 49.75 T1 and trail only for the 41.25/ 39.75 test AMZN been helpful in this reversal today Stop 65 for shorts 2:25 E 41.25 is next known support all we know #EMWS

2:22 E likely support 2652 for profit taking #EMWS 2:40 E 49.75 stop for buys

2:10 E done by 62.5/60 if got it may flush new low now but pfs 2: 11 E 57 target as support idea for profit talking #EMWS

1:11 E i figured if can get 82/87 test again that should stall this bounce
2:01 E i like short side but feel fighting the boyz, been boxed for lunch around 75
wont be stubborn and again i say its about grabbing a few points as best we can.

7:42 AM E high probably not in yet for day, target is 2707.25 , 67.25 support #EMWS

suggested make sure stops down if trying for 67.5 and then late close near 62 #EMWS

7:21 AM E i think 2705 next resistance, watch down trend line chase day then drop it day maybe. 2706.75 next resistance target 7:42 AM E high probably not in yet for day, target is 2707.25 #EMWS gap is closed, advised shorts to capture /trail for 82, 78, 75.25 test, 72.5 gap

Your Hit and run book is still one of the best in my library. Take something out of the swings if we can

7:25 AM E so good fortune part above that 92 high from fri 30 min chart says 2702.5 is bingo r1 right here #EMWS

7:21 AM E i think 2705 next resistance, watch down trend line #EMWS

5:24 AM E middle of friday range supporting market right now
range is the close from fri, the late close and 415 close
so late low 40 still support and lunch high 90/95 still resistance
pay attention to day open 67.5 and to 75.25 for clues as well #EMWS

mini gappers done at late close 62.25 #EMWS

I know you read Armstrong, so let’s agree on his premise rather than blame “boomers on the take”. Here’s a handout: Dont forget to go to Taco Bell Nov 1 for your free Taco courtesy of Mookie Betts 🙂

RT TraderSmarts Do yourself a favor before you start the week and listen to this compilation of “TradeWisdom” sessions from @FuturesTrader71

Actuarial assumptions are part of the problem as well my friend. No 7% returns on bonds, no can do. Why not look at Joe Robertson et al in your own backyard for some ideas? Boomers by sheer size have been the pig in the python, but no surprise…. Matt I think you are referring to your golf group and your 5 foot gimmees 😎

lol. i give swim lessons after hours.

RT @AnthonyCrudele I’ve traded through many markets just as volatile or even more volatile than this..some advice for traders coming into this week is over anticipating anything is your worst enemy. Don’t be in a hurry to get in,have a range of execution & keep an open mind that anything can happen

You’re kidding, right? Taking something even from those still living in mom and dad’s basement? #worldupsidedown

Elections are nearing and the instigators have dialed it up a notch. “When we argue with someone being foolish, soon no one will be able to tell the difference between the two of us”. Staying sidelines with you on the rhetoric

In the video in my Latest Post : Monday Morning Quarterback I talk about the benefits of hindsight trading. No one knows for sure where we are going, but we can study the past to get clues about the future #EMWS

Well thought out article and you may be right. Unfortunately your ideas will be dismissed by many because of “the boy who called wolf” syndrome for the past nine years. Smart investors from the sign of the beast low have Zero complaints.#perspective

Too much volatility in MLB World Series, I think we should stop watching #EMWS stayed awake for last nights beauty and proud of myself

Glorious morning in sw fl. Made French toast with some assistance from my wife #kiss

Follow the leaders heading south #EMWS enjoying life one day at a time

Half a pi also works for me. If only my mind would relax… #EMWS

Something decadent about a walk on the beach followed by a visit to Royal Scoop. Endless summer #EMWS

Latest Post: Nice Swing #EMWS Dont let the dream stealers make you go hide under a rock; there is always opportunity if we learn how to control risk. Be selective and disciplined. Now its time to get out and play.

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