Trading is not sexy.

It is often lonely, boring, and confusing with too much information. It is frustrating and unproductive most of the time, punctuated by moments of emotional over-stimulation.

Sometimes it is even profitable.

#Kiss, Kiss.

The game is simple but not easy, though Twitter enthusiasts would have us think otherwise, especially in hindsight.

Trading is always seductive in it’s promises of easy riches.

Stop looking at her, I’m trying to tell you something.

Buy low sell high.

That means different things to each of us.

“The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE…” ― Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Started trading a year ago?

Then the idea of buying 666 is meaningless, unless you want to factor it into time and price calculations.

Started trading a few weeks ago? Buy 1831 is meaningless…

Sold those locations without a stop? Uh-Oh.

Started trading last week? Today?

We have some decisions to make, don’t we?

Focus on me, not her.

The Emini wizard System can help guide you.

It is so simple and straight forward you won’t believe me.

Your pride, your ego says you don’t need the Emini wizard System, but what about your results?

Do you remember how your wife suggested “go into a gas station and ask for directions” ? You refused because it wasn’t “manly”.

Thanks goodness GPS came along.

Oh those beautiful curves…

Yeah, yeah, yeah you were in the Pits one time, I know .

Adapt or die.

The silence of the floor is now deafening, eerily silent.

That noise has migrated to Twitter where everyone is an expert, a Guru.


There are many beautiful women in the world. Vive la difference!


There are many different methodologies available for traders, and many vehicles with which to speculate. Vive la difference!


I have been on a quest to show you how to consistently take money out of the market every day.

Not in some fairy tale future event, “when the market gets to xxx I am going to…”

Today. Tomorrow. Whenever you want; Right now.

Destiny Fulfilled.
“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.” ― Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

If you have the desire, I can help give you the concepts that I have used to show you day after day the magic of The Trader’s GPS, an integral part of the Emini wizard System.

What I can’t do is stop you from being sabotaged by variables like limited capital, misunderstanding risk and reward, over trading, self-doubt, or waiver on taking the trades as the setups appear.

Stop looking.

Did I mention that lack of self-discipline may be the hardest challenge of all to overcome?


The day to day, play by play calls I provided you recently show it is possible to obtain an edge in this business. I will now be turning my attention and focus on finding those investors and institutions who are committed to becoming a perfect 10.

Well, not really. Seek excellence, not perfection.

Now you can look at her. Gorgeous, right? From head to toe. Many may dream of having that sweeping beauty, but few can achieve it.

Trading is a lot like that I think. No matter what system we use, professional traders get some of the parts right and are grateful for it. Being all in every day in one direction is an unproductive bias.

“Markets turn on a dime. Most traders can’t, that’s why they lose.” – Jeff Cooper

Here is a question for you: Did your eyes start at her head and go towards her toes and stop? Did they linger anywhere in between? Did they stop near her toes, or did they roll back up checking her out again?

Our world-class algorithm will show you where your eyes, and trades, are likely to stall, reverse, and follow through.

I love to teach with simple examples.

Friday’s “Frog in boiling water” trade was one that Zeek and I taught many traders. I suppose it works the other way too, like a “Bird trapped underwater” trade, though I find that much less frequent. They usually turn out to be cormorants.

“Action is the real measure of intelligence.” ― Napoleon Hill

Talk to me. Tell me how I can help you, and at what price point is affordable for you.

Thanks for all your generous support, it is truly appreciated.