Here’s a recap of what’s important for me right now.

Apologies in advance for dropping out of view for the last few days and the next few days..

We planned to leave Naples Fl last Saturday, but Matthew threw a temper tantrum and decided to dump an unreasonable amount of rain and wind in a number of places, most notably Lumberton North Carolina.

If I was to bisect the distance from Naples to New Haven, CT, (our eventual destination), the mid-point would fall exactly in Lumberton; an 11 hour ride by car each way under normal conditions. We waited a few days as I95 was closed in the Carolinas and impassible.

People were being evacuated by boat in the area we normally stay; we decided we weren’t going to take unreasonable risks.

We left Monday morning, went an alternative route to Columbia, through I 85 and stayed in Charlotte.

My mom was sent to the hospital Sunday, and I haven’t studied the markets lately. A few glances, an exchange of emails with Zeek, and a reminder to him about 2119 zone as a key level.

We arrived a bit off schedule, at 8 pm last night. Currently I am visiting mom in the hospital, and we had a nice visit with our minister.

He said they had a new elevator installed in church; he wanted her to be the first to take a one-way ride. I quipped that I hope he meant in the elevator, but if not I hope the direction was up.

Keeping a sense of humor allows us better perspective I believe.

Markets are a lot like real life; we can never be sure until hindsight how our plans and destinations will work out.

The next Big Pivot in the Emini wizard System I said, well in advance, was 2187.5, and so far that zone has proven to be substantial resistance.

I will resume regular postings when I am able, meanwhile take everything I say as utter nonsense since I am focused on my almost 95 year old mom. (Maybe that’s already your opinion about my posts!)

Follow the posts of traders in my “Friends to Follow” section, especially proven winners like my friends @AnthonyCrudele and Fari @HamzeiAnaytics

I have many thoughts about The Donald and Hillary, but I usually keep my opinions to myself. Let me add that I follow Martin Armstrong, and believe him regarding the crisis we face in America.

I do believe this is about making America great again, just not sure how to accomplish that.

We wont if we maintain the status quo; I say throw all the bums out and begin with new people in congress that aren’t beholding to anyone.

That goes for both parties.

Markets that are in corrective phases have sharp bounces that rollover again. We have been range bound, but making lower highs and lower lows lately.

If we need to bail water out of our boat, do it. Don’t add more passengers. Wait for the sun to shine again, and paradoxically, for the tide that lifts all boats.

The normal benchmark for the water line is 2134.

After a day like yesterday, we need consolidation.

When the storms come, as they surely will, seek shelter and safety rather than throwing caution to the wind.

Thanks to all for your friendship and support.