Psychology Day


VEEEE Bounce

We were in the ninth day of a sell, and we thought today the longs would need to hold the 65/68 zone to stop the slide.Our Primary target short was 2867, and shorts were told again to buy or stand aside at this zone.

The levitation began early, and we noted NQ was a leader in the recovery.

Target 85.75 to 87.5 long side was identified, and 92.5 to 93.25 high odds next resistance targets with 94.75 as next logical resistance, gap available higher at 98.5 zone.

Major Inflection Target achieved by end of lunch 2893.

We suggested longs make sure profits protected during the lunch time zone as a small contra was likley.

Predictive Model

Odds changed drastically as we aproached the top and bottom of today’s expected boxes. Pullback shorts were advised to think small for first rotation. 1:38 E with some luck may get back to 87/86

Experience Matters

Sharing ideas that work with traders for three weeks and for less than two points.

Simple Ideas for Swing Traders

Emini wizard 7:31 AM 15 min umbrella searching for support 911 can do some funny things today

Emini wizard 8:33 AM hi zeek, hi Melisa 67 is next support target must be paid short side by 68

Scott 4:16 PM Thanks E and Zeek. Happy to be in here. gn

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