Ali Gator

“He gave me my Life back.”

We’re in the dog days of summer, and it’s playtime.

For 23 years, MV is a special place for us to gather with friends and family and enjoy time reconnecting. Technology is kept to a minimum as we over-indulge ourselves in a break from the routine.

Breakfast on the beach at Norton Point: Bagel sandwiches with steak and eggs, Iced coffee, and apple fritters from back door donuts. Swim lessons, reading a novel, playing games, flying kites and building sand castles with the kids. Ice cream cones and campfires, Fried Green Tomato sandwiches and Burgers, Pork chops, Ribs and steaks, an embarrassment of riches. Laughs and tears, its all part of the mix in a full day that begins before the market opens and ends when we feel like it, usually after the market ends the RTH session.

I was asked by a friend who referred me to a Doctor how I was doing after Triple Hernia surgery a few weeks ago. I am still the biggest kid on the beach thanks to the skills of Dr Kurt. Surviving for a week with more pain than I felt was reasonable, I realized this was more than a groin pull and scheduled the surgery.

Instead of being sidelined, I am living Life large and enjoying these special days where we continue to build memories.


Markets are a bit like that, aren’t they? If we have a problem, we had better fix it.

July 15 nice profit taking swing today $ES_F position squaring this afternoon, OP ex Lock profits if any by 48 good fortune closing 46 gap test 45

July 14 @AnthonyCrudele after 72 I have 77 and the biggie is 2185.25 to 2187.5 next Major Player #EMWS on vacation next 2 weeks so posting it now

July 14 “pay attention to support in up trends” until it stops working and try to get a piece of the range action every day #EMWS

Thanks to all for the recent FF and mentions, much appreciated. @RenaTrader @TheFibDoctor @SE1_Trading @ATMcharts @andrewnyquist @MarkArbeter @OptiontradinIQ @snyder_karl @hertcapital and any I missed, thanks and back at you.


Playtime, surf’s up. One week down, crossed the middle yesterday, one week to go.

still waters