Great week for the Longs and The #EMWS

Swing Traders Have More Fun

Time for a Breather

7:19 E back and fill will take time

so think today we get options x
and likely anything goes
plan has been buy support
today, dont expect much more from buys
I think we need a breather
1:27 E: Emini wizard

if u bought today’s low matd buy early morning convenient trade you are smart trader
buy high sell higher

if you sold short and took shot at gap, smart and lucky
if bought rth lows near 38 lucky but reasonable
if trading lunch, may get lucky but not too smart
if want big range today, probably will be disappointed
if had good week and still trading,…why?
If had poor week, try to make back a few of your shekels but dont overtrade
just some random thoughts

Profit Taking

“Someone had a good week long side and will want to take profits by the end of the day.

That’s sequence trading”


Range expected

Today’s trade idea was to assume consolidation after a MATD trade long, with 35 support. Profit taking should mitigate a strong bounce. Longs need to protect profits after a great week was our thesis.

Keep it Simple 1

Join us in our Step Program 1 for 1 week only $39. Begins September 24-28th.  See these videos and charts come to life in the live war room for traders. Less than a point for the entire week of study, analysis, rubbing elbows with other traders from around the world.

Please come for a week.

I need to buy more golf balls.


Deli and E

Can Traders forget the markets and have some fun?

Of course, trading is a business.

It doesn’t get any better than this (as long as I bring along enough golf balls.)

Mike Nelson, where are you when I need you?

Thanks to @AnthonyCrudele for a great day away from the screens.

Drive for Show, Putt for Dough

Staring from the Tee looking down the fairway a long way away I saw the flag sticking out of the green.

It was hole number 2930. I knew it was a par 5 and would take multiple shots to get there.

Playing from the Tips I suggested “2882.75 Support”. When I woke up the next morning, I guessed the market had reversed at 2892. Multiple strokes were taken from the yardage markers I called out during the week. 2895; 2101.5 support, 2910 support, Target 2930 Achieved.

Too much Club. 2948 Resistance, The Pin is back at 2930.

– E

Values of the Game

We talked about golf, about politics, about business, about Life today vs my generation. He taught me how to read the greens, I gave him advice how to hit a cut shot with his wedge. (He did better hitting the shot than I did with my putting.)

Pop always said “never root against the other guy; you want to beat them at their best; that’s what makes us play better.”

I believe we can all learn from each other. Armed with insights from the past, newer traders can use modern technology, energy, confidence, and some capital to create an income stream from trading. It can be one of many streams and doesnt require expensive overhead.

When you are ready, come get a few pointers to add to your trading game. Better hurry though, it feels like I am getting the itch from the golf bug again.

As a teacher and coach, after all these years I still Love The Game.

Stay connected with good friends, but leave room for new people like Deli who understand there is no generation gap.

Just all of us trying to Enjoy Life, one day at a time.

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