MATD Plays Out

The upside drift continued today, but didn’t seem to have much oomph. We guessed two way day, and thought R1 at 2505.5 was a reasonable target and gravy above. Potential targets of 2508.25 to 2509.75 was our resistance idea to help determine risk and reward ideas.

We suspected narrow range day probable and doubtful we would plunge after making another all time high.

A big thanks to our DT4$2 traders for being patient with a glitch with the weekend post. Revised post was sent out mid morning.

30+ year Veteran Zeek nailed today’s idea in our live war room.

Zeek Snodgrass [8:45 AM] gap fill 97.25 That may come after we test/ break the 04.5 hi

E: [7:13] lw high is 2500 so breakout is above 2500 and matd idea

E: [7:16] so 8.25 to 9.75 next resistance. not a fan of big move up today

E: [7:17] i think we need some retracement, but need to see evidence of back and fill so two way day for now

Slack Notes

Globex Hours overnight and Premarket



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1 Opening Swing

2 Friday + 50% extension

3 Yearly +50% extension

4 Monthly Range and Flip + 50 yearly

5 5 RTH and Weak hands. Angels

6 Oops. Adjusting a misteak. (lol)

7 Three Boxes 20, 10, 5 method.

8 99 Half gap hit. Kudos Zeek.

9 Revisiting 3 boxes

10 Profit taking bounce EOD


notes posted in slack room for DT4$2 traders #ES_F matd above 2500

RT @TheFibDoctor 9/18/2017 Morning Fibs and Calendar $ES_F $NQ_F $YM_F |…

zeek 9:49 I still think we can get the half gap. short now has questionable risk reward.short closer to completion targets timing important

DT4$2 resistance target remains 2508.25 E: 10:15 reminder buyers today are weak hands #ES_F wont plunge

E: 12:15 PM matd is done so is primary trade. wimpy. edge to shorts for contras small, not plunge DT4$2

Its great to have Zeek back in our live DT4$2 war room. Former options maker and 30+ year market veteran.

Armstrong on capital flows #ES_F boyz were nasty and took out both ends of overnight range

Thank You

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