Shake and Bake

A Great Head Fake

The Market is Goliath

We thought there was a good chance of shake and bake today. because of excessive range yesterday

We thought Primary Target upside was 48 to 52, and outliers above for the 55.75 Test.


We Have Tools Like David

AGJ. [4:42 PM] Good calls today!

Downside was a remainder idea from Wednesday:

3:17 E 2722 wont break in next hour if does i will be surprised #EMWS agg support for EOD on trapped shorts

2:31 E call soc 41 and low of that bar 38 as support #EMWS round tripper

3:48 E reminder, pay attention to support in uptrend #EMWS Keep it simple

3:17 E retest is 46 breakout 3:42 E paid for sure and risk reward is a killer isn’t it? #EMWS 3:44 E Pro Day traders evaluate risk and reward for EOD trades

2:18 E 45.5 t1 and 48.5 T2 right, so Boyz trying to bump those stops
target 52/ 53.25 2:42 E 55.75 is the high I said longs want to break before reversing #EMWS 2:57 E all stops up now longs great slingshot

Eminiwizard [2:15 PM] 2:03 E resistance 45/48 so make sure if long paid in this zone, stops up #EMWS trailers only above 45

1:40 E false double top maybe, 32 squeeze pivot #EMWS 1:56 E while others are contemplating the grandiose ideas and jibber jabber about opinions, we stay focused on the objective clues 2:04 E AATD plays out (Afternoon after Trend Day) needed time to consolidate yesterday’s move

09:17 E 2 way day expected, and narrow range overnight means both sides of range can be taken out/ #EMWS 1:52 E mission accomplished, lock profits if long at gap/ 43 keep it simple, Shake and Bake plays out

11:38 E so bounce possible squeeze to close gap later #EMWS 12:59 E stops up at double top

10:39 E still no gap fill. just trapped longs, zeek still has chance for slingshot trade 11:00 E weak hands shaken out 11:23 E z slingshot maybe 11:32 E buy deeper pull back we said 11:38 E neutral bias, aatd, market holding 25/22 support zone #EMWS

8:59 Zeek looking for slingshot trade for MATD. break low, I think agg longs premarket get stopped and boys have an entry for today to go long 9:18 E MATD in progress no guarantee any new high. stop 25 for pre market buy for 38 test, good fortune for 42.25 gap, 39.25 half gap

7:14 E stop 25 for agg buy 7:20 I dont expect MATD to be a barn burnernbut give it a try then drop losers. hit and run, stolen range gap is 42.25 will need several entries both sides today and do not assume buys will be anything more than risk 2 make 2 for now, 22 back up support

Keep it simple 7:32 E if can get to 38 pre market grab it, and def gap #EMWS hit and run day 8:31 E truth be told, if had good day yesterday, no need to be anxious today

Didn’t see this post until just now but can’t blame you for feeling that way. Nice call. Problem was waiting for news unless we played options. Illegitimi non carborundum

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