The DNA of the Market

MARKET Structure

Static Pivots

“Dynamic Pivots”


Entrepreneurs have only the murkiest picture of the future in which they are making their bets,

and also there is ambiguity: they don’t know when they push this lever or that lever

that the outcome is going to be what they think it is going to be – there is the law of unanticipated consequences.

-Edmund Phelps


Right or Wrong?

This Time its’ Different

Is this a bear market rally, only to falter again and make another new low?

Perhaps, but my work suggests this bounce can run some more.

Follow through will be key, and in my opinion the last week’s lows are the key to moving forward.

Markets fluctuate, and a straight line advance like Friday is probably not in the cards.

The market likes to ebb and flow, creating doubt and getting traders off-sides.

Time will Tell

Making decisions with incomplete information is the name of this business.

The Generals will determine the fate of the market, and clues will emerge as the market discovers support and resistance.

My belief is we have found support at least temporarily.

I have enough self-confidence that I wont delete ths post 🙂

News On the Horizon

Obvious Wild cards in our near future are FOMC and the mid terms. Let’s re-evaluate after we gather more information.


“An educated person is one who has learned that information almost always turns out to be at best incomplete

and very often false, misleading, fictitious, mendacious – just dead wrong.” – Russell Baker


Support and Resistance

My generally accepted wisdom  is “Buy Support in an uptrend, sell resistance in a downtrend.”

That doesnt mean blindly do that. We will have up days and down days, but we will look for patterns to emerge.

If we continue to follow market gyrations step by step, we will discover pockets of opportunity daily.

Exploit them as best we can.

Understanding Boy’ds Cycle is a useful antidote to “Paralysis by Analysis”.


Boyd’s Cycle:

  • Observe
  • Orient
  • Decide
  • Act



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