2017 Mantra

“Buy Support until it stops working.”


The fellow that can only see a week ahead is always the popular fellow,

for he is looking with the crowd. But the one that can see years ahead,

he has a telescope but he can’t make anybody believe that he has it.

– Will Rogers

Year end using 2662 to 2665 as next support DT4$




2018 starts with Fireworks, 82.25 retest first potential resistance target for longs after 79.25 ow.ly/fZdY30hwnVt DT4$ Happy New Year to all, good health and best wishes for you and your family

ummm… the wind must be blowing, it looks like one hair is out of place just above your right ear… did you shank it? Best to all Deli

Bad Boyz scale for this power bounce DT4$ ow.ly/3bhn30hwoeb No TUI !(trade responsibly please while drinking)

Pattern recognition is important for DT4$ 15 globex ow.ly/fmBG30hwS4m

Speaking of right down the pipe, 2018 opener is a beauty ow.ly/xrcJ30hwSfO DT4$

Happy New Year 50p. Now you know why this has been one of my favorites over the years ow.ly/Spwr30hwXB7 “like those who curse their luck in too many places” reminds me to stay focused.

E: 9:35 say yeehaaa by … 81.75 DT4$ Boyz love to flush and then make longs chase with shake and bake E: 10:30 Target 95.25 not ruled out, using 92/95.5 as resistance targets for risk and reward

3:41 PM E: stops up if trying for 93.75 to 95.5 keep eye on time the Emini wizard system is alive and well for 2018 crystal clear

BINGO ow.ly/9gCH30hxC10 DT4$

Thank You all for recent interactions on the #EMWS stream

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