Feel the Rhythm.

Can you do it?


If you have been following The Emini wizard posts and videos, you may already suspect we have a system that consistently gives us an edge.

It’s not perfect, nothing is.

Objective criteria is essential when evaluating market structure. The puzzle is often resolved with something less tangible but equally powerful: intuition.

Lines on a chart do not speak to the emotions of the traders behind them.

Sequence trading is what we do best: Reading the wiggles and zig zags of the price action.

We like to think of the idea of Russian Dolls. Small rotations inside larger ones.


Developing dual hypotheses pre market is smart, but our P and L is determined by the choices we act upon.

Friday’s premise was based on odds. Play short for MATD, the half gap and gap, and testing support. Thursday was an extreme outlier day, so we suspected a dead cat bounce day would follow.

We advised our traders to be conservative short side with 59 support until broken, and expect a test of 75 by the end of the day.


We are content to let others make their bold predictions about 1935 and 2000+ or even crashes.

Grateful for the gifts of insight that continue to bless us, and trading it step by step.



IB looking for MATD

Two way day expected

Bear Flag building

Profit Taking before second thrust

Tennis Match

Relax during lunch

Jam coming

T1 76.25 in squeeze mode

Dual dynamic for EOD



Decipher the Mood of the market… then act.

Time for a chorus from 1964, “Go Now”.