Trend Trading

Trend Trading

Watch hindsight analysts shout.

“We knew it was coming.”

“Trend day, we were all over it.”

“We nailed it all the way down.”


“Twitter Twaders” make it look easy, don’t they?

It seems as if the 15% who win all reside on twitter.

See it for what it is; entertainment. Don’t compare yourself with what you see there. Focus on getting a better understanding of specific tactics and strategies that can be employed day after day.

Check out the opportunities to learn from E.  Whether you are an advanced trader or a rookie, E has tools and strategies to bring your game to a higher level.

Outliers like Friday can be devastating to our account if we don’t have an uncle point. The giddiness of the longs has now been tempered with a healthy dose of reality. Traders who got used to BTFD will need alternative techniques and stricter discipline.

Buying blindly and with impunity has humbled a number of traders this week, revealing a soft underbelly that always exists in the market.


I get calls and emails from rookies all the way up to seasoned pros, inquiring about our system.

Answering them honestly, I say “no one has a crystal ball; we make educated guesses“.

The Secret Code exists and is part of the answer, but there is no single solution to a complex entity like “the market”.

Take profits when we are right, acknowledge when we are wrong with a gift to the Boyz retirement fund.


There is a rhythm in market timing that exists, and I have explained that to our traders. I have mentioned it before in these blogs and on twtter, but most traders cannot connect the dots; the secrets that are contained in our “criminal handbook”.

The Rain line is clear when that pattern exists, and there is no more profitable strategy than to stay short while in an umbrella trade.

The divergence in NQ became quite clear as it shed over 100 points recently. The market is no better than it’s weakest link, and failure of the SP to take out last year’s high is decidedly different from the past two year opening swings.


Early January I said: “We need a healthy 50 point pull back.” Clear, unequivocal mindset.

Three specific reference points were used by our traders to understand best odds was short this week when the market got below them.

Students of The Emini wizard system learn to think for themselves. Tools are available for traders with different time horizons, and for multiple markets.

I am trying to talk less and listen more in our Trading Room. Not only listening to the market, but to specific ways I can help traders come up with solutions to their own unique challenges. One trader emailed me and asked for help. I prefer for traders to develop their own skills for entry and exit based on their trader profile. I felt it would be helpful to show him my PRECISE thinking for the 15 to 16 entry with 18 stop.

We set fire to the Rain. Watch this video and see how and why the perfect entry was defined pre market for those who slept through the 28 short. This was my attempt to explain my bias and my view of a logical short entry, with my reasons for a short term play blended inside a deeper belief that the market needed a substantial pullback.

Contact me when you are ready to experience more consistent success with your trading.

“Pay attention to resistance in downtrends and support in uptrends.”

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Time for a sing along with Adele…