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4:38 PM E 2732 corrective move resistance #EMWS


7:08 AM E 2698.25 squeeze pivot agg stop for 08+

1:48 E … targets 34.5 2:13 E Primary Targets achieved at 2732 to 2733. more is up to lady luck, and can squeeze higher for the 2734.5 target, and even the 2738 target use stops now on trailers, and shorts be careful spikes can ruin your day #EMWS time for a swim

1:45 E using 2738/42 as today’s stop zone for swing shorts 1:49 E should get profit taking leg by EOD 4:00 E shake out ib low will be amazing if does 06.25 #EMWS warned late longs don’t get giddy, buys were weak hands today

6:04 PM E 22 support #EMWS shake and bake


09:43: : so 68/ 72 resist before 75 56.75 soc

09:44 E so thats why 57 idea

Pro Tip:

Violation Rule: All those supports become targets one by one on the way back down.. When one gets violated, the next becomes available

Martin Armstrong on Politcians



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2:38 E i think low is in, and the 25/30 zone is key rest of day 2:41 E boyz trying for doji 2:54 E 2705 is xx so i say careful shorts 3:16 E the lower highs but higher lows suggest boyz fighting for the 25 doji 3:24 E stop 16 for longs #EMWS

1:15 E V bounce possible this afternoon above 25 low is in 2:11 PM E anyone at 06 lock it an pocket even if we make new low we can still jack that 16 high by eod slammer so dont average in on jams #EMWS

1:30 E 3 rth says 15.5 resist right now 1:44 E 16 capture #EMWS assuming shorts are scalps only 1:49 E any shorts assume are wac a mole, good fortune below 2706

Armstrong on Politicians #EMWS meanwhile the sheep foam at the mouth “pointing fingers at the other side”. learn a useful skill like trading and take care of ouselves

12:22 E this has had no bounce yet that convinces me longs back in control #EMWS 12:54 PM E say yeehaa at 06/5.75 gap t2 is 2701 and the unthinkable 2698.25 all important too

12: 33 E mission accomlished at 11.75 for t1 , 25 resistance still. ok targets met, now its just up to the boyz for that 05.75 gap idea #EMWS

11:17 E potential targets 17 to 12 as theoretical support #EMWS step by step

gap closed at 38 and 25 Advised shorts cover trailers ahead of 2720 #EMWS SOC 56.75 still resistance try re entry shot one more time or go play golf

6:04 PM E 22 support #EMWS shake and bake

Latest Post: Groans and Grinners #EMWS Last to leave with risk on lost today Boyz wanted to bump stops before reversing

3:43 E I dont think the shorts imagined this possibility 38.25 target met and any day high including 43.5 target #EMWS time and price say adios

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